Motion Lighting app - Help overriding lux condition with switch

I’ve got a sensor in the kitchen which turns on the lights on motion if the lux level is below 20.
The lights are not smart so I’m using an Aeotec Dual Nano Switch to make them controllable and the Aeotec Switch also allows me to keep the traditional mechanical light switches in place. When the light switch is used it toggles the virtual Switch which in turn also triggers the motion lighting. I configured this last night and tested it and it worked great. I turn on the lights manually and after the set amount of time ML turns them off again.

However, this morning I couldn’t get it to work again. When I turned on the lights with the light switch, ML wouldn’t record the on event which in turn means the lights would now be on until I manually turn them off again. Less than ideal... When I turn them off with the light switch, ML registers the off event.

I realised that what is causing this issue is my lux condition. Since it was lighter than 20 lux, ML decided to just ignore the on event from the manual switch.

Is there a way to configure ML to adhere to the lux requirement for a motion event but if a button or switch is used to turn the lights on it will discard the lux requirement because the human has obviously decided that they would still want to turn on the light?

Why do you have a virtual switch? why not just have the nano be what turns the motion lighting on?

Also, I'm confused....if you have motion lighting to turn the lights on, why are you turning them on from the switch? Wouldn't the motion sensor turn them on?

I don't use motion lighting anymore. I have all mine set up in rule machine. That would eliminate the need for any of this setup since the rule to turn them off fires no matter what turned them on, switch or motion.

With the Dual Nano there is no driver I’ve found that is able to report the status of each of the different switches. It doesn’t really matter anyway - just replace the Nano Switch for any other trigger you want for turning on the lights, other than the motion event then, such as a light switch, a virtual switch or voice control.

The light switch would be used to override the condition of my motion lighting rule. Since my ML rule only fires if it’s dark enough, I can use the switch to turn on the lights even if it’s not dark enough for the rule to fire.
In this particular instance I have a few sets of lights in the kitchen and when one set is already turned on, it’s not dark enough for the motion lighting to fire to turn on another set of lights. I don’t want to increase the lux threshold either because then the lights turn on in the middle of the day with no other lights on and when the light doesn’t need to be turned on.

What I’m basically looking for is a configurable switch in ML to toggle whether the button or switch which can also trigger the ML rule should also adhere to the lux conditions or not.
In my case I would set the rule to ignore the lux requirement if the ML rule is triggered by a switch.

I may well do what you have done, Ryan, and set it all up in RM instead.

@bravenel Any chance of getting the functionality in ML so that the additional buttons/switches that are used to also trigger the rule can be configured to ignore the lux requirement?
My thinking here is that that should be the default behaviour of how the additional buttons/switches work. Since they are intentionally operated by a human then there is an obvious desire by the human to turn on the lights (for what ever reason). As it is now, no matter how many times they push the button, the light won’t come on if ML has been configured with a lux condition and the current lux is higher than the configured threshold.

Just discovered this for myself, and it's a serious limitation. I read elsewhere that RM is much more of a drain on system performance than using the ML app, so I decided to port my motion lighting over to ML. It all works perfectly, except I need override capability in the event of a physical switch being pressed. Sometimes people want the lights on even when there's plenty of daylight streaming into the room. Any hope for lux condition override in 2.2.4? @bcopeland

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