Motion Lighting App Enhancment

Would it be possible to get an enhancement to Motion Lighting App so "Turn on switches per mode" actually lets you select a different switch per mode? Right now the only option selecting mode does is allow you to set a different delay for off.

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Wow old thread, but looks like you still can't do this?

If you mean, select a different switch to turn on for each mode, this is correct, the app doesn't work that way. If that's what you want to do, you'd have to use Rule Machine, or one each Basic Rule for each mode.

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Ah thanks, yes, that's what I meant. Will use alternative methods, but it would be cool if this option could be added as per the dimmer modes! Many thanks.

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Dimmer per mode doesn't allow different dimmers for each mode -- "per mode" implies that the same device is going to operated differently for each mode.

Could this be achieved using Scenes?

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Thanks, yes of course. I guess I meant if it could be implemented with the same UI approach for different switches per mode then that would be cool. But appreciate you've probably got more pressing things to work on!

Yes, I think so, I haven't set anything up here yet (I'm new to the HE scene coming from ST), but I do have Hue Scenes that are immediately available as switches - I guess I'm just lazy and would prefer if I could do this from within the app without setting anything else up - maybe I'm getting old!

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No. Your probably just spoiled by Hue’s simplicity. I felt the same way when I started integrating Hue with SmartThings 4 years ago, then when switching to HE 3 years ago. I would recommend using one of the community Hue integrations so you can get immediate status updates via push, instead of needing to use frequent polling, if you need/want that for your setup.


Yeah, I definitely do - currently using CoCo and I hear that the push status update is currently in BETA so I'll hold on for now for the sake of ease, but I hear the 'Advanced Hue Integration' has been doing this for a while now.

It has been as solid as anything. I think Robert is just waiting on the finalized api for Hue before saying that it’s done.

Wait a minute. Advanced hue is using the hue push api not the polling method?

AFAIK both Advanced Hue and CoCoHue, which is what I have been using for a couple years now, support push via the new Hue api. For CoCoHue it is available in V4 (beta).

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