Motion lighting App 2 1.5.119

Just upgraded to

From what I have read in the release notes, motion lighting is now smart enough to know if the device is off and turn it back on if motion is detected.

My living room has a light that turned on when I walked in so I wanted to test the new version so I manually turned off the light, looked at the device state which was indicated off, waved my arms in the air to trigger the motion sensor and this is what I got see below.

Here's another part of the log showing the lights were turned off and then motion activity

Motion lighting has always been able to do that. In the settings for your automation you have to tell it which switches you use to turn the lights on and off. Otherwise it won’t know the lights were manually turned on or off.

Can you share a screenshot of your motion lighting rule?

Not sure where that option is at.

Look in the two "options" sub-menus. You want the options "switches to turn lights on" and "switches to turn lights off," respectively. Select whatever switch you physically toggle to turn the lights on/off (in your case, Kitchen light and/or Kitchen Bar, I suppose).

This should allow motion lighting to pay attention to whether you have turned the lights on or off outside the context of the motion automation. My reading of the recent hub update release notes was that there was some issue with this functionality that they fixed (not that the feature itself is new; as I mentioned, it's not).

Many of the options available in motion lighting are not intuitive IMO, I'd suggest reading the documentation, that cleared a lot up for me.

Okay I've tried a lot of different combinations and here's what I found.

When I walk into the kitchen motion sensor is triggered both my kitchen light and my kitchen bar light which are on two different switches come on.

Once the motion sensor becomes inactive the system will wait one minute and then turn off both switches.

If one of the switches were manually turned off and the motion sensor goes inactive the log tells me not turning off... lights not on, yet one of these switches is still on.

Argh. This one has been just really hard to get right for some reason. I'll look into this, and see if it can't be sorted out better.


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