Motion Lighting And/Or

In the Motion Lighting App, if I select more than one motion sensor, is that an "OR" or "AND" condition? In other words, if only one of the selected motion sensors is active will the lights turn on, or do all of the selected sensors have to be active for the lights to turn on.

It's "OR". If you want "AND" you would need to use a virtual device that requires all the sensors to be active.

There is sorta an AND, but maybe not the one you want. I am not sure what you are trying to do.

If you to use one sensor or sensors to trigger, and you select "Additional Sensors to Keep On" it is kind of an AND.

I don't know if you are supposed to, I have the same sensor selected to activate, and also in the "Additional Sensor" section, and it seems to work without any issues. So maybe try that option with your same sensors and see if it works if you want that type of logic.

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Might be worth taking a look at the built-in app "Zone Motion Controllers"...

If any sensor is set to activate lights any one of them will trigger the light to turn on. If you add another motion sensor under "additional sensors" then those sensors will only keep the light on, it will not trigger the light to go on if it's off.

For example in my office I have two sensors one that is on the desk and one above the door inside the office. I only have the one above the door as a trigger, this way if someone walks by the room the one on the desk doesn't trigger the lights to go on.