Motion Light not turning on Scene

My room has two sets of pot lights on two dimmers. I just created a scene which sets them both at set levels.
I configured Motion Lighting App to turn on that scene on Motion. But, the lights are not turnon on. Log says "Not turning on, already on". Any thoughts?

This seems to be a very basic Motion Light configuration, so not immediately sure what am I doing incorrect.

Make sure you disable the feature highlighted below in your scene.

I checked and that option is already disabled.

If you look at the Scene, does it show as ACTIVE, even though the lights are in an incorrect state?

Have you tried recreating the scene? Recreated the Motion Lighting automation?

Here is an example of one mine, that has worked flawlessly for many months. The devices in my scene are Lutron Dimmers. Ignore the blacked out line, as well as any others that don’t apply to your use case.

I had changed the driver of the dimmers... i wonder if that broke the scene/motion light. I'll try re-capturing scenes and testing them a bit.

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I recaptured the scenes... seems to be working so far.

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