Motion Light App Question

Maybe this automation is best served with Rule Machine but I just want to make sure. Is there any way to setup a Motion Light App so that it can turn off lights if it isn't turning on lights? For example, the light is turned on through some other automation or voice but since there isn't any motion it will turn off after the time out.

If I set this up what appears to happen (even if I subscribe it to the on event through selecting a switch) that unless motion occurs there is never an off event. For example:

results in:

if the light is turned on from any source and there is no motion in the room. If there is motion in the room it will eventually turn off after the three minutes but I want it to turn off regardless.

I guess maybe Rule Machine is the way to go on this or am I missing something?

I don't use the motion lighting app so I also not sure of what settings are available. In rule machine you could try making two rules.

  1. Normal motion lighting rule - if motion turn on light. If no motion turn off light after with delay and cancellation on truth enabled.

  2. Write a rule if light switch is on and the rule above is false. re evaluate the rule you made above after x minutes with the cancel on truth change.

There might be a more efficient way to do this, but the above should work.

It's easy enough to do it in one rule.

The problem is that without the Motion Lighting app it's not as user friendly to see/use/configure the additional disable on button/switch and all of that neat stuff that Motion Lighting gives for easy.