Motion Light App - Infinite Off loop?

I have two smart bulbs (Sengled) in a room. Using Motion Lights app, I have configured it to turn on by motion in evening. During other day modes, it should not turn on, but still turn off if there is no motion. I have also created a scene("kids full light"), which turns on those two bulbs off, which I have exposed to Alexa. In the motion app, I have set this scene as the switch which can turn on the lights on/off manually.

The problem is, that during day, if I manually turn on those lights by the scene, then after expiry of motion, the system seems to be going into a loop of infinite alexa calls to turn the lights off. Why might this be happening?

Motion Lights App:


Logs when lights were supposed to turn off during Day:

Is there a chance it just requires a name in the 'Control with Alexa or Google...'?

I have not played with that.. not sure what it does. Let me try it out

The Alexa errors are due to Amazon imposed "Throttling" restrictions. It does appear that the automation is in some sort of loop. And that at least one of the devices being controlled is also exposed to Alexa. The issue is that the continuous updates to that device is triggering the Amazon throttling limit from the AWS side, returning the error you're seeing.

Fix the looping issue, and the Alexa errors will go away as well, I believe.

Yeah, I understand why Amazon triggered "throttling, which is the right thing to do if some system is calling Alexa APIs in rapid succession. The question is why is that rapid call happening in the first place.

Okay, I was trying to make sure that you didn't get derailed by the above. That has nothing to do with the issue.

However, if might be a good idea to Remove the Scene from Alexa and the Motion Lighting automation, and instead use the "Control with Alexa or Google...?" instead.

Just tried it, and it seems to be working fine now....but now I am just curious why was the original setup going into a loop

"Scenes" are somewhat special in their behavior, IMHO. They have many settings themselves. I am not sure why it got itself into a looping situation. Sorry.

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