Motion detector

Is there a way to use 2 motion detectors in tandem? I have a dead spot in my garage where I need to add another detector. So when the first detector can't see you (out of site) the second one will keep the light on.

Yes, use the built-in Zone Motion Controllers app - allows you to combine several sensors into one virtual sensor you can use in your automations.

The app and motion zones created in it:

The virtual motion zone controllers (will appear in your device list) that you use in automations:



Aside from the Homeseer HSM200, which other motion detector is favored by the group, looking for something with a fast response.


The smartthings v2 with firmware 14 Zigbee motion sensors are my go-to for fast motion detection in most places and the Nyce Ceiling mount motion sensors for above the bath/showers for motion, humidity, and temperature.

The Nyce sensors use 2 AA batteries and the batteries last for a couple of years. The Smartthings batteries last about a year but they have a magnet which makes them good for sticking to the metal vents on the ceiling. They were made by Samsung but the ones re-released from Aeotec are identical. The Nyce sensors are hard to find in stock but worth it if you come across them. I just add them to my Amazon watch list and buy some when I see them come in stock.

For wired motion, I use the Jasco Z-Wave light switches with a built-in motion for places such as bathrooms.

If you can find them. Iris V2 and v3 motion sensors.

Best ever for me, but only found used these days, if you're lucky, on eBay.

I use the Iris V2 and Hue. Both are great. The AAA batteries for the Hue sensors means at least a couple years between battery replacement.

Thanks Lewis, you write ( They were made by Samsung but the ones re-released from Aeotec ) do you know off hand what would the Aeotec model be.


Good morning Danabw,

I find these used one, on ebay, 2 x Iris Motion Sensor IL07 3rd Gen Works with SmartThings & Zigbee Battery Incl. for $ 159.00 US plus $ 28.00 shipping, this quite a bit for used one.


Yup - LOL, don't buy those!! :wink:

They have come and gone on eBay, and sometimes (I haven't looked for them for many months as I have all I need at this point) they would show up for a reasonable price. But it may be that from this point all that will be availble will be from crazy scalpers like the one you found.

If you do run across some in the future for a more reasonable price (<$30) you might want to grab a few. They are nice little devices:

v2: Do motion and temperature, are very fast, very reliable, battery lasts a long time, and really tiny/easy to "hide"
v3: Do motion, temperature, and humidity, are very fast, very reliable, battery lasts a long time, but are a little larger than the v2

In the meantime the Third Reality motion sensor appears to work well for other HE users, and is much more reasonably priced at $19 - only does motion, no temp:

I came across those also, I thought they looked pretty good, unfortunately there is no Device Driver on Hubitat for it,

One thing I have learned about buying items that have no Device Driver listed, you are pretty much out of luck in trying to add them to the hub, I have a great number of Philio PST02-2C.US, that I can't use simply because of that issue.

One member told me that he would create a device driver for it, since he has also bought some.

That would be great.


You don't need a device-specific driver...members on that thread are using it with the Generic Zigbee Motion Detector driver. That's the same driver you'd use w/almost any zigbee motion detector, like the Iris V2 and V3, and the SmartThings/Aeotec motion sensor, etc.

From the thread:

You should always confirm (search in the forum/post a question) if any of the Generic Zigbee or Generic Z-Wave drivers included on Hubitat will work with a device. In many (most) cases they work fine w/many devices that don't have/need custom drivers.

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Good point to remember, thanks


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