Motion detector for indoor lights

I am looking for recommendations on small indoor motion detector. The approved device list has so many to choose from I would like to get some real life feedback of what others are using.

Use case is simple. I have a downstairs that is out of site and I want to control light switches based on motion or lack thereof.

The Samsung ones are good and easy to install.

I bought 10 Iris V1 on ebay for 40 dollars
I also have a few other brands including smartthings motion that I spent 20 on 1.

The Iris ones are in our main living area and I haven't had any problems with them.

My others fail to see slight motion and activate with my dogs and the Iris ones do not.

I would look into iris plus at 4 dollars each you can't go wrong.

This question comes up from time to time. I'd avoid Iris v1 unless you previously had them working on an Iris system; Hubitat did add support for them last year, but they are problematic for some, and it might depend on their firmware (no way to update it anymore with Iris having gone out of business). The v2 sensors (model 3326-L or 3326-L2), on the other hand, were fantastic--but I say "were" because they're no longer manufactured. The v3 ones (iL07_1) weren't bad either, but I wouldn't recommend them over the v2. All may still be able to be found on eBay, but that seller with lots of 10 of the v2 sensors might have run out already or will soon.

The SmartThings (v5/2018) motion sensor mentioned above is readily available, not too expensive, and has a flexible mount. The Osram/Sylvania/Lightify sensor has the same OEM (Centralite) as the beloved Iris v2 sensor and is about the same size, smaller than the ST sensor, though less easily mountable (fine if you want to stick it on a flat surface or...does it come with the corner sticky tape the Iris did?).

Since you're using these for lights, I'll add my advice: Z-Wave sensors tend to be slower (though some of those are faster than others). This makes Zigbee sensors better for lighting automations, in my opinion. That's why I'd recommend the above, which are all Zigbee.


Thanks everyone this is great information. I did plan on using Zigbee sensors and i will look into a couple of these options and try them out.

Next I need to figure out which switches to use on my lights that the motion will work from. I have three switches with one of them being a three-way switch.

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