Motion detection from any camera

so if u use blue iris alerts to open a local endpoint url you can add alerts from any camera blueiris supports as triggers for events, as long as you have an always on pc. (nuc mini pcs cough) for anyone wondering how to get motion alerts from cameras. without custom rboy device handlers on a smartthings hub hubconnect(ed) to a hubitat.
p.s. im aware motion detection is generally inaccurate from cameras, this isnt a real replacement for PIR sensors or something accurate

You can also do the same with a rPi and use Xeoma or neither with the massive Windows overhead/cost

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He's just admitted to stealing the software and now wants everyone to help him set it up.


Yup, unfortunately I mentioned Blue Iris in the thread @JNS linked to, and rather then making use of the free trial the developer offers, OP downloaded a pirated copy and when called out for stealing someone else’s software (i.e. the product of their hard work, skill/expertise etc), went on to completely deny any responsibility for doing so.

So I gotta agree. Please don’t help @jatgm1 figure out how to use the stolen copy of Blue Iris that he/she obtained. @jatgm1 maybe your buddies at the pirate bay can help you figure it out.


I have this working exactly the way you describe and I'm happy to help... as soon as you can prove that you've paid for a BI license.

I don't need help, I was explaining how to solve an issue I had that I didn't notice mentioned in order to help others. Feel free not to help me I have like 3 other accounts here.

And I solved the problem. Easily.

Except the first sentence of this community’s guidelines is:

Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would a public park. We, too, are a shared community resource — a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation.

I’ve already said, do whatever you want, I’m not trying to stop you. But this community doesn’t have to stand for it.


Plus, someone could've just said "dcs-5222l" and I would've just bought that. But no, you gave me a suggestion I took and just complained about my methods.

I am treating this like a public park. And expressing my right to freedom of speech in a public place.

To be clear, it isn't a public park. It is a space paid for, and run by, Hubitat Inc. We should respect the community guidelines. No one is compelled to participate on these forums.


Gentle reminder, this is a public forum, please treat everyone with respect and remember to criticize ideas, not people . Please avoid:

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Um, that entire statement is irrelevant (not to mention factually incorrect, people can be fired for expressing all kinds of opinions at work if that’s what their employer chooses to do).

You’re not an employee of hubitat, neither am I.

@aaiyar is correct. Your right to free speech guaranteed by the constitution literally has nothing to do with participating in an online forum operated by a private company.


Private companies are still not allowed to violate the constitution. And an online form is exactly what freedom of speech is about. also while I may not be an employee I would say that I'm a customer since I purchased a hubitat unit. And that this forum is an extension of their customer service. Which is part of the devices warrantee.

Furthermore you people keep bringing up copyright infringement. I merely State my opinion about it. I really don't care whether you like my opinion because I'm still not going to change it just because you say so. I absolutely will not just stop posting with my opinion is because you say so.

Within the bounds established by the owner of that forum. Discussing/advocating the pirating of software is a violation of those bounds.



Habitat is a private company. any contract in a private company makes that's in violation of the Constitution or previously written laws is void upon its face. I have the right to freedom of speech in public forums. This is a forum that anyone can publicly access. Furthermore I don't recall accepting any agreement. Feel free to provide me with the written contract I signed.

Sigh. Sure you’re right, congrats.

Happy holidays everyone! I’ve had enough of a diversion for the morning!! @bobbyD thanks for being generally awesome and sorry for the flagged posts.


The Constitution only protects against GOVERNMENT suppression of speech - not private enterprises, communities, or peers.

Feel free to re-read the 1st Amendment.

No, you actually don't - not in the USA anyway. And this has been proven in court already by others that thought the 1st Amendment applied to privately owned, non governmental, organizations.



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