Motion Detection Direction of Movement

I'm finally venturing into the realm of motion detectors. My first project will be putting a detector in the garage to turn on the lights in the basement if it's after sunset and someone returns home.

I just realized the motion detector doesn't know if I'm leaving the house or coming home. Would I need to add another motion detector so that if MD1 is triggered first, MD2 in the garage doesn't turn on the lights?

Are there other / better ways to do this?

Other ways, sure.

Put a time limit on the light.

I've got that example set for 1 minute with no motion. The "Cancel" word is an option to allow additional motion to leave the light on. You move, light goes on.. you quit moving for 59 seconds then move, the light stays on.

[ my Rule shown is one of a pair that run 24x7 with differing light levels, for day (early) or night (late) ]

That will be a good example for another detector I want to put in.

In this case the motion detector will be in room A (garage) and the lights will be in room B (basement) because there wonโ€™t be an opportunity for any perpendicular detection before the lights are needed in the basement.

If Iโ€™m going from the basement to the garage I donโ€™t really want the lights to come back on in the basement.

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