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Hello all! I'm a brand new newbie to Hubitat. In fact, I haven't even received my hub yet. I wanted to get ahead of the curve so I apologize to the "newbie" questions upfront. I was hoping to add a few motion sensors (as well as water) to my setup. I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a few that would work with Hubitat with little intervention from me. I'm not terribly good at code so I was trying to avoid ones that are problematic. I came across the Fibaro z-wave Motion sensor. Thoughts? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Lots of options here. One of the first decisions you need to make is zwave plus versus zigbee. Both are fine, each have their own pro and con.

In general, zigbee motion sensors seem to act/report status faster. But the z-wave plus ones are fine for most people too (do NOT get a regular z-wave one, though - z-wave plus only if going z-wave). I use a PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO where I don't already have GE 26931/26933 wall switches (those have built in motion sensors).

For water/leak, you also have choice between z-wave and zigbee. I use the SmartThings Water Leak Sensor (2016 model). Works fine. If I were to buy new ones today I would likely still get the SmartThings as they are cheap, but that's me.

There is also a supported device list you can reference:

I bought the most recent ST water sensor and it works as expected. I also have 2 of the older models and they have worked well over several basement leaks. In fact I kind of like ST's product line - I have a bunch of the single buttons and they too work great. I use them for sconces and desk lighting etc.

My biggest issue is that all the really cool stuff seems to be battery operated which can be a pain the more devices you get.

For motion I went with the Aeotec Multisensor 6 because they can be powered via usb. I use them for activating closet , basement and mudroom lights. They are not as fast as my old ST zigbee ones but it's been worth the convenience so far.

Have been using @bptworld's device watchdog for battery related reporting...

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Side note on battery monitoring, if you don't want a user app you can also setup HSM to monitor and alert battery status.

@bptworld 's app is excellent though, too!, and a great choice!!

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Thanks for all the quick advice so far. Being new, I had not come across the supported list so that's a BIG help. I'm happy to use either Z-wave or Zigbee. Again, my focus is more about less adding or writing code to assist as I really am terrible at that. I'll look into the Aeotec. Most of my devices are Lutron switches and dimmers and they have always performed well with my other hubs. I just want to add sensors to add a bit more sophistication. Baby steps for me!

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You might want to check out the Lutron threads.. there is a lot of good info.

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