Motion and/or Illuminance in Means to Activate?

I am puzzled I can't find the answer in the docs or the forum. I must be blind, there is no way no–one asked this before. @bravenel, please point me to the answer, and I'll delete this topic in shame.

I need the light to turn on when it's dark, and there is motion. In the "Means to Activate" I selected both "Motion Sensors become Active" and "Illuminance Sensors fall below", but I think it means either of those conditions will trigger the lights?

How do I combine them into "and"?

Means to activate = motion active
Limit Activation under these Conditions = illuminance > XX


Of course! :man_facepalming:
What confused me was the pre-population of the sensors from the room selection.

Don't know if it's just me, but the current wording in the app is a bit ambiguous - it could mean "limit activation to these conditions". Just for clarity:

Does "Limit activation under these conditions" mean "PREVENT activation under these conditions"?


Fab - thanks for clarifying!

Cheeky follow-up question:

If you limit activation to low light levels (e.g. for motion-activated lights) this would also prevent a button in the same app from turning the lights on when light levels are high? for these circumstances it would be best to use two instances of Room Lighting - one for motion (with light level limits) and one for the button (without)?

I believe the activator device may bypass the conditions set, or there is something you can configure to do this. If that is the case, an instance of button controller that controls the activator device for RL should be all you need for manual control when sensor-based activation is disabled.

EDIT - I knew I'd seen it somewhere... Note, both of these only appear if you have included conditions to limit turning on or off in your RL instance.

For activation, it is an option that appears in the drop down toward the bottom of the Activation options page:

For turning off, it is a toggle, again towards the bottom of the turning off options page:

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You should still be able to turn on lights by any means. Adding the following should prevent the app from turning off the lights if manually turned on.