Motion and Mode Lighting - shorter delay off setting request

Would it be possible to have an option for a "delay off" value of less than 1 minute?

Wife has been telling Alexa to turn off the bathroom light at night because she doesn't want to wait 60 seconds for the light to turn off.

It would be theoretically possible for them to add seconds as an option, but whether they will is something they'd have to comment on. However, another concern is that motion sensors themselves have a "timeout period," which depending on the device could be anywhere from a couple dozen seconds to several minutes--but is rarely just a few seconds. (This is configurable on some and not on others, and that plus the actual time will depend on your sensor.)

So what I mean is: even with seconds of timeout in Motion Lighting, the "off" will not be instant. You could try a timeout of 0 in Motion Lighting to see what the fastest is that it could possibly perform this action in your setup if you haven't already. If that isn't good enough, nothing will be. :slight_smile: (And of course, on the other hand you risk things happening too fast, the annoying problem of the lights turning off when you're still in the room--you're unlikely to be flailing around the whole time enough for the sensor to continually report activity, unless it has a high enough timeout, and in that case, 0 in ML might be just as good.)

Just some thoughts--someone asked me about this in a similar custom app I wrote but didn't really end up needing the functionality.

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I set the delay for 0 at night.

That might do it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

You sure she's using Alexa? In my experience by the time you repeat yourself to her 3 or 4 times the motion sensor would beat her by a mile lol

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