Motion and Mode Lighting Not "reading" switch value to turn off lights

Hi all. Looking for some help on a motion app that has been driving me nuts. I took a RM rule and ported it over to Motion and Mode Lighting. The on commands works exactly like expected. If between certain times and lux is below "x", turn lights on.
The issue is that if lux gets above "x" it will not turn the lights off. The app is not seeing that the switch is on, so it will not send the command is what I'm gathering. How can it not see it's on when the app turned the switch on?

Any help or guidance is appreciated. I'm about to move back to RM where this worked. I was just trying to simplify my life with a built-in app.


You should import this app into Room Lighting, where it will initially have the same functionality. But, in Room Lights you can separate the conditions under which it will or will not turn off the lights.


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