Motion and Mode Lighting Apps feature request

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When creating a new "Motion Lighting App", within the settings there is a toggle for "Don't turn on if turned off manually" which I have activated for various lights in my house. Ever since I set them up I have assumed that this toggle doesn't work, as if a light turns on with motion and I turn it off manually via my dashboard tiles, it comes straight back on with a new motion trigger.

Today I realised that in order for this restriction to work properly, you have to turn the light off via the "Lights/Switches" menu in the app. As I use dashboards to control my entire system, and I'm sure others do as well, would it be possible to make this function via an off command generated by a tile? And possibly and "Alexa" voice generated off command as well? Both would logically be considered as manual commands, at least in my mind they are :man_shrugging:

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Something else has to be going on. A command sent to the device from Dashboard would be the same as one sent from the Light/Switches tab in the mobile app, any Hubitat app, or even you just running the commands manually from the device detail page -- they'd all result in the same event, which is what the Motion Lighting app is looking for (it should even include physical actions like turning the switch off yourself in the real world, though some devices like very old Z-Wave switches don't always reliably report back on their own). To figure out what's going on, you could enable all logging for the app and see what hints it provides (very generally: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices | Hubitat Documentation).

As for changes or enhancements, they are unlikely to happen with Motion and Mode Lighting at this point, having been effectively replaced by Room Lighting. If you're seeing unexpected behavior, my suggestion would be to either import (that's an option) or re-create your set up in Room Lighting. If you also see unexpected behavior there, try the same troubleshooting (looking at logs), and if you can't figure it out, share your setup here and someone may be able to help.

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Thanks very much for your help, I had no idea that the app had been replaced. I've spent the weekend recreating my lighting control from scratch (I have quite a few and had to modify various webcore pistons etc), but ran into a couple of issues that I can't find any documentation on in the Room Lighting setup guide, mainly under the "Additional options" menu dropdown;

  1. How do the "Use transition for Activation" settings work? There is a setting for "Transition time" (which I assume is Fade time? Does this overrule the "Device transition time" setting? Are they the same?), and "Transition interval" (I have no idea what functionality this controls). I had set all of these to 5 seconds each for some lighting groups, but was experiencing some unexpected behaviours until I removed this function (amongst others). Does this function correctly if not all lights in the group have fading functionality? I mainly have Fibaro switches and Hue lights.

  2. "Adjust lights on mode change" seems to activate the lighting group on a mode change, irrespective of whether it was active during the mode change or not? Is this right? Surely it should only change the settings if the lights are active at the time of the mode change?

  3. What function does "Activate as a Group with On commands for Activator on" provide?

  4. What function does "Ignore conditions for Activator device" provide?

  5. I enabled the "Don't Activate if turned off manually" limit, and enabled the toggle switch for "Re enable from "Don't activate if turned off" on mode change", but in the logs it said that the light would have to be turned on manually to reset (not on mode change)? Which action resets this limit? A mode change, or a manual activation of the light? If it's a group of lights, does turning off one light in the group prevent all lights from activating? Do you have to manually activate all lights in the group to reset the limit?

  6. Can you use multiple motion sensors to activate a group without issues? For example, using Arlo cameras to activate an outside lighting group?

Tbh, I was pulling my hair out with this yesterday as I thought I had set everything up correctly, but many groups were experiencing unexpected behaviours so I removed all the additional options which sorted most of it out. But there are some lights and groups of lights that I'd like to setup fading for, and some that I don't want to reactivate if I turn them off manually. Any pointers you could give me would be a massive help. :+1:

It may be worth confirming what template you are using on your dashboard tiles where you control your lights, and whether the tiles are controlling the individual lights.

You may also be interested in looking at the Zone Motion Controller built-in app.

Apologies, I use individual tiles for each light, with a mix of switches and dimmers, but most adjustments are made via Alexa.

I’ll have a look at the zone controller now :+1:

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