Motion and Mode Lighting app not turning on all bulbs

I have two sengled bulbs in my bathroom, and I am using them to trigger a number of different states/scenes based on automation using the 'Motion and Mode lighting app'. 99% is working perfectly, except for one scenario.
Listed below is the problem scenario, where I am seeing for troubleshooting guidance:

  • During "night mode", I use the mode to trigger a Night light scene where one bulb is off, and the other is lit at around 5%
  • In the morning, my setup enters "Early morning" mode from 6 am to 8:00 am.
  • During the above "early morning" mode, I use the motion app, to use the "lights to turn on" section, to turn both the bulbs to 40%....but the system only turns on 1 bulb to 40%, and the other remains off.

I think, what is happening is that the night Night light scene had turned off one bulb, and hence somehow in the morning, the motion app "respects" that and does not turn on the off bulb.

Night time

Day Time

Turn on logging in the app. It will tell you exactly what it's doing or not doing.

I tried to extract the relevant bits from the log:
If you see in the below log, at the bottom is the start of night, where scene was called, and it turned on 1 bulb. The issue is in the top most log at 8:06 am. It turned on only "bath light 3", when it should have turned on "bath light 2" on too. Later I manually turned on the missing bulb, and from that point on, it turned off and on just perfectly.

I meant for you to turn on logging in Motion Lighting. That's where we will learn why it did whatever.

I enabled the log. I think there is a lot of noise, but here is a possible scenario with the issue:
Log at 7:38 am says that "not turning on, already on"...but actually only 1 out of 2 bulbs are on.

Use this option under Options for On...

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 11.41.17 AM

Oh that looks promising! Thanks, I'll test it tomorrow morning

Tested today.. and worked perfectly! Thanks! @bravenel

Can you please help me understand what happened here? My scene in the night had turned off one bulb. So, in the morning why was the light app considering that bulb as "on"? The option you suggested did fix the issue, but I am trying to understand what was the underlying issue.

With one of the controlled lights on, ML interprets the "lights" to be on, so it doesn't turn them on. This option changes that logic so that it doesn't make that interpretation. Both interpretations are useful, depending on the specifics of the use case. For your situation, you need the option turned on. I hope that answers your question.

I see, but I had not specifically created a "group" of lights in Hubitat. If it was a group, I might have intuitively understood this behavior. By definition, I understood that a "scene" captures the state of multiple bulbs. And hence, with a bulb being "off", I expected it to be interpreted as "off". Anyway, thanks for explaining the current implementation. I will keep this in mind for next time.

This has nothing to do with groups and scenes, only with ML operation. There are two ways to interpret the set of lights that are controlled by the app with respect to what to do if some are on when it comes time deal with a motion active event. The option in question simply picks which way to go: some on means don't turn them on, or alternatively, turn them on even if some are on. It's that simple.

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