Motion and Mode Lighting App - Mode Change Turn Off

  1. If I have an app that turns lights on when the mode changes to night, will that same app automatically turn the lights off when the mode changes to day?
  2. When you set a bulb’s color and level, is it safe to assume that the light switch will also turn on to reach the level setting?
  3. How do I enable logging for mode lighting? I see options for motion lighting, but not mode.

Mode Lighting is not the app you want. It doesn't turn things on when the mode changes.

Look at Simple Automation Rule instead. It will turn on lights upon a mode change, and then turn them off when the mode changes again.

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I’m more confused now. The documentation seems to contradict this. What am I missing?

Mode Lighting apps work similar to Motion Lighting apps, but allow you to set lighting that is triggered by mode changes, rather than motion sensors.

The second image also shows “lights to turn on”

That documentation is in error.