Motion and Mode Lighting App - Does it turn on lighting, or not?

I am trying out the Motion and Mode App.
I want to set a few dimmers around the house to a pre-set level depending on MODE. Specifically, I want to set the bathroom levels to about 20% at night. NOTE: I do not want to turn on these lights. I have rules for that. Just pre-set the level for someone who gets up in the middle of the night, and for waking. The levels should reset to a brighter level during daytime hours. = 90%
Dimmers are the GE/JASCO

I used the Motion/Mode app, selected the bathroom dimmer, selected four modes : evening, night and wake. Each has a different level upon activation.
1st iteration - nothing happened.
2nd iteration - Adjusted to "turn on with physical action"
Results - the lights come on at the preset level upon mode change. Like after we went to bed, and before we got up. WAR rating is dropping fast.

The app clearly states that it does NOT turn on lights.
What am I missing here?

Maybe I am confused, but what is the flow of automation here?

So you want the lights to come on at X level depending upon time of day. But what triggers that? Is it motion? A flip of the switch? Something else?

As always, screenshots of your setup would help us to make suggestions.

Am I wrong to think this app can be used to set dimmer levels based on Mode changes so that when the switch is flipped the light will come on at the desired level?
I don't have a screen shot, I just deleted the child instance in frustration.

Screen shot of re-created settings.

Nevermind. They got you sorted out.

No, he's right, and you are wrong.

What you are missing is selecting the switch that turns them on. It's under Options to Turn on Lights.

Yes, this is how Mode Lighting works.

I love me some double tap, and Jason’s drivers are the bomb (I’m using them myself), but my wife would be having none of that nonsense. She just wants things to work how she expects they should, and having to remember something different is rubbish.
The OP didn’t mention what GE dimmers, or zigbee vs z-wave. The zigbee version supports level prestaging, and I thought the newest z-wave plus ones had something similar. Either way, more information is needed.
I don’t use the Mode Lighting app, but after reading the instructions, it appears that it needs to be told what switches, buttons, etc. turn on the lights in order to know when it is on (much the same as Motion Lighting). So, reading the instructions would be a good place for him to start.


Actually, I knew I was wrong. But, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like this?

In this case, I selected the actual GE dimmer that physically controls those lights.
This works much, much better. Thank you.\

Now, how can I, if possible, tweak the delay and ramp times?
Delay issue
If it is in Day mode, the dimmer kicks on at 90%, or ramps up to 90% as needed.
If in Night mode, the lights come on at some previous setting, lag about 2 seconds then drop to the desired level.
Ramp Issue
If increasing or decreasing the ramp time is quick. I would like to spread the ramp time over a few seconds. Especially, if ramping up. Otherwise, you get blinded.

You also need to fill in the “options for lights off”.

Yes! That causes the WAR rating to drop drastically.

This is an older GE Z=Wave dimmer.

JAS12724 - GE 12724 Z-Wave(R) in-Wall

Using the Generic Hubitat driver.
The Enbrighten driver doesn't seem to do anything but freeze the switch.

I did read the instructions. And searched the forum. Hence, I have another post on another thread where that OP is asking pretty much the same thing.

From your comments, I might deduce that either the switch and/or the driver might be incapable of producing the results I seek.

With what?
The switch turns them off now.
Of course, if using the switch in an off position might reset the dimmer level to something low so they are always ramping up, that would help.
I just don't see that as an option.

That is likely. If they aren't z-wave plus, then you won't be able to use Jason's driver either. The GE Zigbee dimmers will behave the way you want. The built-in driver for them has a toggle to enable level prestaging so a level change can be sent without turning on the light. Then when the light is switched on you aren't getting blinded because it's now midnight and the light came on at 100% before ramping down.

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The app won't know they are turned off. The next mode change will cause the level change to be sent to the dimmer if the app thinks the light is on. This will turn on the dimmer if it's off, since there is no level prestaging for your dimmer, which will probably not thrill your wife.
BTW, the 2 second delay is the time it is taking for the dimmer to transmit to the hub that it is on and then the hub to transmit back to the dimmer the level you have selected. I had this same problem a couple years ago (with GE z-wave plus dimmers) and was annoyed by it enough to replace them with the GE Zigbee dimmers. They work much faster in my experience and turn on to the level I set. I just relegated the z-wave dimmers to outdoor lighting tasks where speed and level prestaging aren't important to me.

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Good to know. I do not have any Zigbee items on the net. As my older C5 hub doesn't play well with them. So, I ordered an upgrade up today. I plan to add some Zigbee door sensors.

I stand enlightened. Thank you
Off to make corrections.

When Alexa moved in, my wife refused to "talk to her house" for almost two years.
Once she figured out she could adjust the fan at night without getting out of bed, things got better. I just have to watch adding new ummm., features.

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Both of my hubs are C-5s. It has the same zigbee as the C-7.

Again. off to work on this.

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