Motion and lux sensor

What guys are you using for emotion and look sensor one

For LUX Iā€™m using Philips outdoor motion sensors.
For motion indoors using some CentraLite motion sensors bought a job lot off eBay.

The Dome Motion sensor was my favorite but no longer seems to be available (even though no one thinks they've shut down). The Fibaro is pretty similar but more expensive and has an unfortunate lack of ability to do non-secure inclusion and only supports S0. Other options I'm aware of include:

  • Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 (make sure you get the 700 version; the 500-series version as the same S0 issue as the above) -- one oddity is that these report light level in some arbitrary percentage scale, not lux (and 100% is a pretty low level but still probably usable for detecting "light enough" indoors), unless they changed that with the latest version
  • Zooz Q Sensor -- I thought this was supposed to be a stopgap until the above was released as 700-series, but it's still available (500 series) and I think reports actual lux. It's a bit larger, ate batteries in my experience (but does have a USB option), but you might like it
  • Philips Hue motion sensor -- some people had bad luck pairing or keeping these paired, but others have had luck (direct as Zigbee to the hub; probably the best option unless you need them in Hue directly and don't want to use a third-party integration)

I think they've shut down. Their phone number is disconnected, and has expired.

Probably worth pointing out one important part to this setup, which I also use, though with hue indoor sensors connected to a hue bridge.... The use of an outdoor lux sensor rather than the lux in and indoor sensor can be important if it is used to drive automations, since the lux of an indoor sensor will change once the lights are turned on.

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I use more than one, as we are south facing so get a lot of light at the back, not so at the front. So rather than use an average, I just split the two. works fine here :+1:

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I'm east/west, so also use two and just wait for one of them to rise above or drop below a certain level to drive opening and closing some of my blinds.

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I'm using Phillips Hue Motion Sensor. Its batteries last more than one year, they rearm in just 10 seconds, have a good range and report light changes almost instantly - with its sensibility being able to be adjusted.