Motion and door sensors

Hey all! Been a while....

I intended in pricing some more motion and door sensors this year, but when I went to look for the smarttulhings ensors I got last year, and love.... They seem to be unavailable.

So, what is everyone's go-to zigbee or zwave motion, door, and/or multisensory lately????

Why not have a look at the Sonoff devices. Contact, motion, temp and button. You can pick them up for around £10 and they work well for me. I was getting an issue with false motion detection in the middle of the night (just started happening for some reason on a couple of them) but this seems to have stopped.


Sonoff Zigbee are decent, but I’m finding the range is really terrible.

My go to is Xiaomi, which doesn’t join and stay joined directly to HE very well. For years I was joining them to an Aqara Gateway and then syncing back via HomeKit automations.

Now I’m using this method. Much simpler and supports many more sensors and even cloud integrations. No reservations about suggesting it to get a lot of inexpensive devices into Hubitat for easy and powerful automation.

Thanks for the replies guys, I don't love the aesthetics of the Sonos devices, and the other one seems like a lot of work? What does everybody else using?

I agree and would add the NYCE ceiling motion as well since it includes humidity, making it good for shower fans ect....


@anon81541053 is not kidding about the Nyce NCZ-3011HA . . .