Most reliable smart outlet with power meter - UK

Hi there
I've seen a few posts but most are non-UK. Also seen an older one around UK so thought I'd see what has changed.
For those that are in the UK, what are the most reliable smart plug/outlet that you have. I've used Samsung but have had some issues.

I use Fibaro but they're Z wave rather than Zigbee so I guess it depends on which mesh you have in use. I've around 6 of the Fibaro and they've been good. The only issue I've had is that the manual button to power them on and off seems to fail (strange as that same button is used to add them to the network and that isn't affected) But they're too expensive to be honest compared to Zigbee.

Thanks for the reply but it's zigbee I use.

I have 3 or 4 smarthings outlets and they've all been rock solid. I guess that doesn't help you but perhaps your outlet is faulty


I am using Salus Smart Plug SP600 which I have had no problems. It only shows you the current wattage being used, but I have developed a node-red routine that keeps a log of the usage.


Thanks. I'll have a look at the sp600. I only need triggering from power so no need to keep logs. Although I always love seeing a good usage chart so one day I'll have to get my hands dirty with HA or something