Most Popular Switches and Dimmers elevated by Hubitat in 2021

Haven't see that behavior, purchased a boat load (20) of them from Costco when they had the Honeywell branded ones on their site. Working great so far where I installed them for a client.

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The two GE/Jasco Zigbee devices I have, one a switch and the other a dimmer both reside in my kitchen. Both have been solid performers. I can't say that I have had any problem with either one.

Other dimmers are the 3A Smart Home 110-240V Smart ZigBee Light Dimmer Switch that I have installed to control the lights in the two ceiling fans. Since these install in the cover, I use a combination of motion sensors and AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Switches to control automatic or manual operation of the dimmers.

I am using them for all bathroom fan switches (personally and for my clients) and have not had any issues to report so far - it's been about 2 years or so. I think the older GE switches were not good but the newer ones with the lower profile ("QuickFit") work well. I have not used the dimmers though. Also the GE/Jasco Zigbee switches are reported to be decent.. Also reported from these threads the customer support is great. Again I have not had to use their support so cannot say personally.

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My experience is the opposite. Had dimming problems with the newer versions than older version, and ramp rate is not adjustable. I didn't have mesh problems, with either the new or old versions, though.

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big fan of the homeseer 200 series.. individual leds for notification.. really solid switches.. still clicks like new 3 years later

That is interesting thanks!

I have not used GE dimmers at all preferring Zooz or Inovelli. Also (generally) use the "toggle" style switches which I dunno if that really makes a difference or not.. mechanically slightly different I guess.


I have 3 Inovelli's, 31 Leviton Switches/Dimmers/Outlets, and 2 RGBGenie Driver Dimmers all Z-Wave Plus.

Most of the Leviton's are fine but there a few especially ones close to the Hub that seem to lose their status regularly. Those switches seem to have a lot of route changes. I have a number of 4 gang boxes and I wonder if they noise each other out.

My hub is on a shelf with a lot of other networking stuff and I am in the process of moving it and doing an antenna install to see if that cures things.

I am pretty close to doing a Lutron Caseta switchover but that will be pretty expensive and I really HATE their form factor but everybody says they are rock solid.

Honestly I think they're a beautiful switch

I am happy for you but sorry the little triangles for dimming don't work for me.

It's easy to be sloppy on a rocker switch but on the button switches you really have to look and make sure you are hitting the right spot.


YES LUTRON all the way!

Us either. We've tried them and I don't see how anyone likes the physical layout of those buttons for lighting when walking into a dark room. Fan controls maybe where you're not using them as often? RadioRA2 paddles are an excellent form factor, Caseta are not something I would ever want.

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My wife does not like them either. I find them to be a bit odd especially when reaching into a darkened room to turn on a light (motion sensors FTW!) - the flat surface makes it a little troublesome.

Having said that they work great as does most of the Lutron stuff. You definitely pay for the privilege though with the "normal" looking switches being even more expensive.

There is also the cloud/app/account connection which is needed for bridge access (not functioning!) but that seems like a minor thing.

Maybe we've had them so many years it doesn't matter to us. I don't think I've ever missed manually turning on a lutron switch...

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I prefer "normal" switches (toggle style in our area) but am sure I could probably get used to those eventually... I never really need bother though as my Caseta switches are mostly in the basement (hiding from the wife) where the lights are pretty much motion activated..

I think I'm going to design and market a series of z-wave and zigbee switches that use two needles running on low voltage that require you to push your finger in hard enough to draw blood in order to use one's own bodily fluid to toggle the switch. I will make it be so aesthetically beautiful that people won't care, they must have it... I will put Lutron and other switch designers out of a job...

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Add an internal glucose sensor and now your talking!!!



Chefs Kiss GIF by The Drew Barrymore Show

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I love the reliability etc etc of Caseta, but I can relate that the physical dimmer layout is controversial. Though it hurt the wallet, I put in PD-5NE for all dimmers so that they'd match a standard Pico and so that we'd have a more obvious tactile button for that switch's preferred dim setting.

But in reality, we very rarely ever actually touch those physical dimmers - we instead rely on automations or scene controllers to handle the day-to-day for those. The lutron switches that actually get touched are the basic PD-6ANS switches in lesser-used hallways, closets, etc -- thankfully, those are easier to mash in the dark / by feel.

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