Most Popular Contact Sensor elevated by Hubitat in 2021

Zooz ZSE41 Open/Close Sensor

I've been slowly replacing my other sensors with these. They just work. Simple to implement. Not overcomplicated.

Also can be used outdoors with the outdoor case which is a bonus.


Another vote here for these Xiaomi Aqara contact sensors. I have a bunch connected along with the Tradfri plugs, mostly stable. Tried the sonoff, battery lasts a month, has to be rediscovered weekly, and that’s sited within 5 feet of the hub.

I have the good ole Ecolink contact sensors. I chose them because the take a normal AA battery. They are a little bigger, but I’m happy with them.

Two other reasons to love Ecolink. (1) they come in wood tone brown, (2) they have contacts for an external sensor.

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Aqara and Mijia are my go-to. They are small, inexpensive, attractive, great battery life, and respond perfectly when joined via HA using a ConBee 2, then brought back into Hubitat with Home Assistant Device Bridge.

I have had such success with this, that I will do it again in the new year when we move into our new home.

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So I really like the idea of the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 - very unobtrusive. .. unfortunately the reliability / battery use has been a bit hit or miss at times..

Still have I both the Gen 5 and Gen 7 working okay in my home setup.

I was very surprised how good and inexpensive is the Ring V2 Contact Sensor. (C7 Required)

4 Likes these on a whim and have been very happy with them. Small and great for cabinet doors too! Wish I could find more at a decent price!

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Other: Hard to get anymore but the Ge Enbrighten Door Pin contact sensor.... I have several of these and they're great


I am glad to hear these work well for you. Have you used these Ring V2 Contact sensors long enough with Hubitat to know what kind of battery life they get?

I voted for the Aeotec z-Wave contact Sensor - however I use their recessed sensor in all my doors.

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I switched my contacts to the Sengled contact sensors. Kind of a bear to set up - they're picky about which ZigBee channel to pair on, but once that's set they are fast and solid.

My gen 5 and 7 aeotec recessed sensors have both been retired. Real shame I never was able to get them to reliably pair and the battery was horrific.

I was able to get my Gen 5’s working well with a generic device and manually forcing the zwave settings I’d been using on my Vera Plus.

They’ve been flawless ever since.


Mine work but have issues with battery reporting, at least on the 5's and sometimes on the 7's.


I have one that doesn’t report battery status, I keep forgetting to send it back under RMA.

I have 4 of these Ring Contact Sensors Gen2 that are a little over a year old and the batteries on all 4 report 100%.

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Good to hear! Battery life can become a real issue on certain devices.

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