Most Popular Button Controller elevated by Hubitat in 2021

Some people like to push others' buttons, our engineers wanted to make sure their favorite controller works with Hubitat Elevation; that's why they tested 62 different ways to do it.

The "Year in Review" marathon continues with Most Popular Button Controllers. Vote now, for your favorite device.

If your favorite device is not on the list, then select "Other" and drop a comment below, to share which device is your favorite.

  • Lutron Caseta Pico Remote (Integration)
  • Samsung SmartThings (Zigbee)
  • Zooz 700 Series Remote Control & Scene Controller ZEN34 (Z-Wave)
  • Philips Hue Dimmer Switch V2 (Zigbee)
  • RGBgenie 5 Zone Remote and Dimmer (Zigbee)
  • Other (comment below)

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*for a complete list of compatible Button Controllers, check out the "List of Compatible Devices ". Our engineers have tested 62 different models (see Button Controller listing under "Device Type" column).

Would it be legit to add the Zooz ZEN32 to this list? Your compatible devices lists it as a "scene controller switch", but I don't use the load control on any of mine - for me it's a button controller all the way, and a great replacement for my old Leviton scene controllers.

I think ZEN 32 would have been a better fit on the Most Popular Switches and Dimmers elevated by Hubitat in 2021 , as its "Device Type" is "Switch" on the "List of Compatible Devices"

Maybe the Inovelli Red is technically a switch, and I already voted for it in the switch category, but I use it as a button controller though. 11 buttons in one easy to use paddle style switch.

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Although my most favorite button device is the PICO, in those installations where I'm not putting in Lutron, I've used the Zigbee based Aduro Eria device. For those of you who aren't putting in Lutron, I think that it's the best alternative, especially if you have a good Zigbee mesh.


Agreed that the AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Switch Remote is a good product. It has its quirks, but we have three of them. One controls the MBR light and the other two control the LR light, set up to emulate a 3-way switch.


Iris V2 Smart Fob has to be the favorite button device. I use it to arm/disarm the HSM, both for away and for night. On top of that, it is an excellent presence detector.

The only down side is that it is too easy to bump one of the buttons and have the HSM arm the system unintentionally. If I were not carrying it all the time, that wouldn't happen though. If I were to design the case, I would have recessed the buttons a bit more to help reduce the accidental arming. If I had a 3D printer, I would probably make new cases for them.

Zooz Zen32.

Yea.. Zen32 is nice.. I have 4 of them installed myself.. They do kinda fit an in-between because it’s a switch and a scene controller..

I am also not using them for load control as I have the relays disabled and they control LIFX through scene control.


Zen34 is more of a button device and works well once I switched to the community driver, but my favorite is the Lutron aurora (Zigbee) because it’s so fast and simple.

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Sonoff SNZB-01
Cheap, reliable, available.
Have had several in use for over a year with no issues.
To be fair they are mostly out of sight. :wink:

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The only true button in my automation arsenal. It sits by my bedside with simple tap, double tap, and hold commands. When I look at the 5 button or 11 command controllers, I know that they are not for my simplistic mind. To each their own.

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