Most elegant/Homekit-like way to expose Hubitat to Android?

I’ve had my Hubitat for a year now and it’s really done well to integrate devices and most smart ecosystems as follows: Hue, Ecobee, Sonos, Lutron Caseta, along with independent Zigbee (sensors/devices, lights are all on Hue) and Z-Wave meshes running on Hubitat. However, there’s one major sticking point: my GF’s Android phone and tablet.

I’m a dedicated Apple ecosystem person so I have everything cleanly exposed to HomeKit via Hubitat and working great, but so far I’ve not been able to find a similar solution for my non-HA nerd GF.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but Google Home seems really kludgy and is quite frankly a pain in the ■■■ to setup.

Really I’d just like for her to have simple lighting controls (i.e. being able to access dimmers and scene controllers, along with Hue Bulbs) as well as access control for doors and our garage. (Yale Z-Wave -> Hubitat-> Homekit for me, would like similar on Google Home or something similar). A cherry on top would be Sonos, but their app is good enough on its own.

Right now she doesn’t really have phone control over our locks other than direct BT connection from the Yale app, and as a stopgap I made her a Hubitat dashboard with a single button garage control. Other than that she uses the Hue app to control Zigbee lighting (99% Hue bulbs on a Hue hub) which works fine except it doesn’t integrate with the Lutron switches and dimmers we use for white lighting.

The last issue is safety alerts from our Z-Wave smoke detectors, safety monitor works brilliantly with it on Homekit; right now I have a text message based notification setup for the Android devices which does not work reliably.


I use both the built in Google Home integration for most devices, and the Community based Google Home integration for locks, fans, and sensors.

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I think a really good option would be the HD Plus dashboard app for Android. It's pretty amazing.

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I don’t want to crap on it, but the HD+ dashboard (unless I can really pretty it up Google Home or Apple Home app style) unfortunately looks way too nerdy for what we’re wanting here in this use case.

The Hue app is another example of something that works well for her.

I tried the community Google Home integration and couldn’t get it functioning in the few minutes I was messing around. Worst case I’ll give it another go. Ideally a solution that will hopefully happen is that Google allows locks directly in the official Google Home integration.

I'm a function over form guy, but I get it. Everybody has their priorities... :slightly_smiling_face:

The initial setup is unfortunately quite involved, but luckily the detailed instructions are very good.

On top of that, the actual integration took me awhile to wrap my brain around too - like how to actually get devices into Google Home. But once you get it set up, you can get most things into Google Home and the native integration on Android is pretty nice. For locks, you can even set multiple PINs for different people such that Google will require a PIN for unlocking commands.


Oh I can definitely appreciate function over form for some stuff. I’m personally kind of picky on GUIs looking nice (I tolerate Hubitat because it’s simple to configure and mostly rock solid), but for my non-tech nerd GF she would 100% not use something that isn’t nice and polished in this case.

Everyone has their own ideas of what looks/feels polished... :slight_smile: I'd take HD+ over GH any day myself. But that's what makes horse races. Good luck in your quest for GAF. :smiley:

@dtloken I'd maybe go SharpTools from a design perspective. It's web based but that never caused me any issues. It's probably the easiest to get looking how you like.

Now if you need it to run locally...anyone remember Hubivue lol

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