More Options for "Also Turn Off At" in Simple Lighting Rules

I'd like to set up a Simple Lighting Rule to turn on some lights at sunset and then turn off at a specific time like 12:00 am. Currently if I set it to turn on @ sunset it only gives me the option to turn off at sunrise

Slippery slope, feature requests for Simple Lighting . You can use two Simple Lighting rules or one Rule Machine Rule. In RM:

Condition: Time of day Sunset to 12:00 am
Rule: Time of day Sunset to 12:00 am
Action for true: turn on light
Action for false: turn off light

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May I suggest that the Sunrise option have it's own offset for consistency?

I like the off at Sunset on at Sunrise, but I'd also like a -120 for Sunset (dusk) and +60 or so for Sunrise (it's still really dark at "sunrise") so a few extra minutes offset would be perfect.

RM works too, but dual offsets would be perfect!


Seconded! It would just keep it balanced, since both sunrise and sunset are too dark and need an offset. Seems like a waste to create in RM when Simple Lighting is 99% of the way there and time based is one of the big things it was made for!

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