More newbie questions

Thanks guys for lots of good feedback from my post a few days back, I have a better idea of product selection. I’m still undecided on Hubitat or RasPI (OpenHAB, HA) or a combination of both. Feedback much appreciated particularly pros and cons of each. Below is my story so far

My journey started around 2 years ago.
I’m wanting to achieve home/life efficiency not just home automation. But home automation as well to stop those situations- as in bugger I left the shed lights on - ah “hey google turn off shed lights”

Story so far

2018 installed 10 kw solar system

2019 purched Holden volt plugin hybrid EV

2019 installed myenergi electric hot water diverter and pwm EV charger (these two devices to maximise solar usage. Next month a 20kw ESS battery System gets installed.

This now leaves me the remaining inefficient power devices and home automation.

Some of the devices I’m wanting to monitor/control fronius, Daikin, alpha ESS battery system, myenergi all have api’s and or ifttt, MQTT capabilities. Future bits automated garden watering system, smart fridge.

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with some coding, however I don’t want something thats unreliable or that I’m a slave to and have to keep tweeking
Thoughts pls




I am looking at how to connect to my Alpha ESS or my myenergi Zappi to get in for to drive other automations, but not seeing a way to get to either. Did you find a way to do this?

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