More newbie questions

So back with some more questions. Been working on fleshing out a build for a new home focused around hubitat. So far i've picked up the hubitat, a ring v2 zwave contact sensor, and third reality zigbee motion sensor, also have about 35 hue lights that are 4-5 years old at this point.

Im just in the testing phase but had the lights turn on/off with the ring contact sensor worked great, quick response, love it.

Set up another rule to have the lights in a room turn on when the motion sensor senses off when motion stops, and not super crazy over this and looking for insight on how to improve it. First there is roughly a 2 second delay, which isn't terrible but would like to shorten this if possible. When leaving the room lights stay on for 30ish seconds before the sensor checks for motion again. Is there anyway to shorten this? I've looked around in the settings and have been unable to adjust the time. I'm also up for suggestions on better sensors to replace these (only bought 1 for testing)

Moisture sensor suggestions? Looking to grab one to connect to a fan controller in the bathroom to automate the fan coming on/off when someone is in the shower.

And most important question. I was planning on getting some lutron switches for the house, but I got talked into getting some inovilli reds. Biggest issue here is where the hell do i find these things? The reds are available on amazon/website however i cant find any of the smart on/off switches for my 3 ways. It also looks like the fan controller is discontinued, i was planning on having 1 of these in most rooms to help with my zigbee mesh and well to control my celling fans/bathroom fan. Any insight on where i can find these or should i just go back to original plan and get the lutrons? The thing that sold me on these was being able to build out the mesh network by combining the two.

This is a pretty short timeout for a PIR motion sensor. Many people set their motion sensor timeout (if the device supports it) to even longer than that, to avoid lights turning off because someone was sitting still for just a few seconds, but hadn’t actually left the room.

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For PIR motion sensors, I think Hue are tough to beat. Like all newer Hue stuff, they can be paired directly to Hubitat (don't need the Hue bridge).

Some folks are having issues adding them and keeping them online with the C8, but I haven't had any issues with either of mine that are paired directly to my C8.

The new hot thing is presence (mmWave) sensors -- the market is still pretty young for these, but I'm happily using one myself.

Third Reality stuff is overall solid and they have a nice price-point, but you kinda get what you pay for -- not many customizations or bells-&-whistles.

Caseta is the gold-standard for reliability and setup-&-forget. I've never had to fix anything on my Caseta stuff since installing - I can't say that about any other brand I use. But Caseta lacks some attractive features like smart-bulb mode, LED notifications, etc.

Inovelli has all those cool things, and they make a solid product. The new Red switches should be available now, and I think their Blue fan switch is out now too (not certain). They have a lot more stuff in the pipeline for both Blue, Red, and White, but I fear they're going to get stretched uncomfortably thin trying to support it all. Hopefully not though - they do make some cool stuff.


That is up to the particular sensor. There may or may not be a setting for this depending upon device.

Agree. The on-off-on-off and waving your arms to activate the sensor gets old. Longer timeouts help with this. Besides, with an LED bulb, they consume so little energy being on 1 minute vs 5 minutes (or whatever) it is inconsequential.

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I don't remember that thread, and I am too lazy to look back, but Zooz has a variety of Z-wave that are quite affordable and offer similar features. I am not sure what features you desire exactly, but there may be other options.

Also, the Inovelli Aux switch, according to their site, is supposed to be available at the end of this week. Add-On (Auxiliary) Switch – Inovelli Maybe watch that carefully and hit the purchase button as soon as they become available.