More Homekit bugginess with Minoston

hello all,

I am having another issue with the Minoston MP20Z. It is in the CDL and I have it configured fine, however having it work with Homekit has not been so easy. I had another topic where rlithgow1 helped me out to get it integrated with Homebridge and that works fine also.

Using Hubitat/Dashboard tiles - everything is fine however:

The bugginess:

  1. The device is a dual outlet plug. I have a light on one outlet and a ring camera (indoor) on the other. Using the Home App, if I click on either outlet to turn on, the other one appears to also be on but according to the HE Tile, it is not.

so if I turn on the light in the Home App, it turns on and the button in the app is lit up but the button for ring camera is lit up also, but the actual outlet (and ring camera) is not on.

  1. Sometimes, when I turn on an outlet, it lights up (in Home app) and then a few seconds later will appear off again but the outlet will still be on.

  2. when #2 happens, I can't shut it off from the Home app because it already appears off (to the home app) so I have to open the Dashboard and shut it off from there.

I've removed it and added it back several times. I also tried to create a virtual switch to separate each switch out, but that had different results. I could turn one on but then i couldn't turn it off in Home. I am new to virtual switches so I didn't want to get to deep in the woods and decided to write this up.

attached is the screenshot of the device. any help is much appreciated.

How are you integrating this device Homekit?
Show screenshots of where the device is selected in the integration app.

The devices that you should be exposing to HomeBridge should be:

Inovelli 2-Channel Plug Switch-1, and
Inovelli 2-Channel Plug Switch-2

Do not expose "Dining Room Double" to HomeBridge.

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I did not expose Dining Room Double to HomeBridge

Show us screenshots of the integrations. Turn on logging in the integration and also on the devices (parent and childs) and then post SCREENSHOTS of the logs as well please. This will help figure out where the hang up is.

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in the Home app, if you open the Device and click on settings, do you have it set to display the device as separate tiles?

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Yes. Doing this allowed me to rename/relabel them, otherwise I would be looking at tiles labeled
Inovelli 2-Channel Plug Switch-1
Inovelli 2-Channel Plug Switch-2

So you already separated them and still having the issues?
You are not providing much information. Really need the screenshots I asked for to troubleshoot it any further.

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@EduardoSuave - right now anyone trying to help you is guessing what your setup is. Essentially they are working blind. You're more likely to get productive suggestions if you share your setup. For example, there are at least THREE Hubitat apps to integrate with Homebridge. And I still don't know which one you're using.

Can you provide details of your setup with screenshots as requested any @jtp10181?