More Device Filters For RM

Over my few years on Hubitat I have amassed many devices and even more virtual devices, and the list is very very long, even when filtered by device type.
Could you please add functionality to fill the list further?
My thoughts on this would be to:

  • Add a checkbox to list only devices already used in the rules triggers and actions.
  • Add a dropdown to filter by room.

Thanks for listening.

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I kind of like this idea and especially its reverse - the ability to list only unused device. Would make it easy to spot those and re-evaluate their usefulness…

I think this is a good idea as well. Something that webcore does well in this respect. You get a text box you can type in a name and it filters by that text.

The amount of effort required for these suggestions would be enormous. Generally, changing the means of selecting devices in RM in any significant way would require a complete rewrite of Rule. This is not something we have sights on doing. However, given that RM has become too large and too complex, that's probably the only way forward at some point.

I was thinking about this recently. My mind it does wander.

@bravenel just out of curiosity. How many lines of code is RM these days?

Are there numerous child apps or is it one big mass?

There are two closely related child apps that share most of the code: Rule 5.1 and Button Rule 5.1. Rule 5.1 is comprised of the app itself, and three libraries (two of which are also part of Button Rule).

All in, Rule 5.1 is 10,000 lines of code. When we first introduced Hubitat Elevation almost 4-1/2 years ago, Rule was 2,862 lines of code.


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