More concise way to make this rule?

I have a light in a room that I turn on in a few different ways...a wall switch, a pico remote, and a couple other conditional rules. However I am trying to use the same light as a very dim night-light when motion is detected. (and only late at night)

What I basically want is:

  • Predicate Conditions
    • Time = 9pm-Sunrise
    • Light = Off
  • Trigger
    • Motion = Active
  • Action
    • Set Dimmer and Color to Red, 20% dim
    • Wait for Condition Motion = inactive
    • Turn Dimmer off
    • UNLESS, I manually turned on the light to it's normal setting

So my 2 problems are:

  1. The only way I can think to do this is to put an "If level not 20%" (meaning the dimmer was changed outside of the night-light rule) i guess this is ok but seems clumsy?

  2. The other ways I use this dimmer are "Toggle Color and Level". Which means if the NightLight is on....when I press the button, it always turns the light off, and then i have to press again to turn it on. Which would mean I would have to modify EACH of these rules to check if the night light is on, and if it is...then hard "SET dimmer level" ...but if the nightlight is not on then "TOGGLE simmer level". This seems REALLY clumsy

Am I missing a more simple way?

How much of this can you do with the motion and modes lighting app? If you have a mode that represents 9pm-sunrise ("night" perhaps?) I bet you can get most, if not all, of this to work without using RM at all.

Yea I could, but not sure I gain much if anything.

#2 is still an issue I think because the switch rules would have to check the current mode. Essentially checking for mode would be the same as checking for dim level (but mode is probably better for future uses)