More complex notification system

Hello, it would be nice to have more control over our native android notification system as i feel that is not complex enough considering what hubitat can do.
for example now we have 1 type of notification for all which is pretty bad and i'll tell you why.
There are high priority notification: ex safety monitor being triggered.
There are normal priority notification: ex heater was turned on.
Now the problem is we can't set 2 different scenarios for these type of notification.
For example, I want the safety monitor notification to have its own category, that way i can customize it with a different sound(siren) and make it so that my phone will notify me EVEN when not disturb mode is turned ON.
At the same time if my heater is turned on in the middle of the night, i could simple choose a silent notification for it that makes no sound when my phone is in not disturb mode.
I remember that stringify app that got closed where you could make flows for your automatization, it would add a new notification type for each automatization you created so you could have individual notification modes for each, that would be dope but even having 2-3 separate categories would to the job.
Please consider adding this, thank you !


If you're not aware, other solutions like Pushover can already do this. There is a Pushover driver built in to Hubitat as well as a community driver available; the service itself is third-party, of course (though all push notifications pretty much are when it comes down to it) and has a very small one-time purchase fee that many find worth it.

I understand that this feature request is for the first-party mobile app, but just thought I'd point out alternatives if you weren't already aware. :slight_smile: (Quick history lesson: Hubitat is older than its mobile app, and there have always been other ways to do more or less everything it can currently do for you--though that is gradually changing/improving with the introduction of things like Rooms. So maybe some day!)

i have a huwei phone and i can only install free apps from google play and still i would want to use a built-in feature rather than rely on 3rd party , can-t be something too hard to add, would like to see some staff opinion on this

They rarely go into much detail about adding new features.

What makes you say it wouldn’t be hard to add this?


I use the HE notification for routine stuff, Twilio for the important stuff. Sends via SMS so no additional software needed on the phone. But I'm guessing if you have a Huwei phone you may not be in the US. Not sure if Twilio will work for you in that case.

I've just come on to search for this very thing as there are some notifications I want to hear no matter what time of day or night while others I am happy to just see them in my notifications dropdown when I finally wake up and check.

Would be good if we had, say, 5 notification types to choose from in the Notify action so our phones had 5 ways to deal with them, chance of assigning 5 different sounds or whatever. I reckon Android maybe has come on quite a bit since the inbuilt notification system was designed

Problem with Pushover it's adding a service to the execution flow and therefore an additional chance a service might be down.

I've just installed Pushover to look at it and wow it's such hassle and overkill just to replace something that is probably pretty easy to implement in the onboard notification system. Powerful and flexible it may be... like I said, overkill.

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I see your point. :thinking: Anecdotally, I can state that I have never had a Pushover notification go missing in the 3 years I have been using it. The Pushover driver on your Hubitat hub makes a direct connection to the Pushover server, so the Hubitat cloud is not even in the loop. I have found both Pushover (notifications) and Life360 (geofence presence) to be far more reliable that the Hubitat Mobile App's corresponding features. YMMV, of course! :slight_smile:

The beauty of Pushover is that that Push Notifications is all that they do, and they do it very well. We've built out the community driver (which is what the built-in driver was based on a while back) to have quite a few additional features, while staying within Hubitat's current 'Notification' capability's constraints. I agree with others that it would be very nice if Hubitat's Notification Capability was expanded to include multiple notification types, versus having to embed within the message the notification type.

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Oh, you can do that? I'd be ok with that if it's possible.

With Pushover you can, but not with the Hubitat Mobile App's notifications.

Ok I misread you. Maybe the feature will be added to HE one day.

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I'd like to see this feature added too.

bump. Is there any plan to implement this in a future update? would be awesome, hubitat notifications are so inflexible comparing to how flexible and advanced hubitat is in general

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i'd still love to see this one coming to hubitat, any news?

See above.

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