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As a longtime Rule Machine user, I am blown away by Basic Rule. It is simple, powerful, and has a wonderful UI. I have even found that Basic Rules execute faster than the equivalent Rule Machine rules. I am in the process of recreating as many rules as I can in Basic Rule.

I wonder if it would be possible to add more triggers, such as local and remote endpoints, locks locking/unlocking, or even just Rule Machine’s custom attribute trigger so that users could use the basic rule interface to create more powerful rules?

Would it be possible to add the option to program either minutes or seconds following waits? Or perhaps have the minutes box accept decimal values?

What about the option of having additional "when a..." triggers in a single rule? At the moment, a physical switch in Basic Rule must have two rules to function correctly (rule 1: paddle up = on; rule 2: paddle down = off) because if those actions are in one rule, "then wait until a..." functions as a conditional trigger based on the initial "when a..." trigger. For example, if one has lights that are turned on by a motion sensor, paddle down on a switch that is automated by one Basic Rule will fail to turn the lights off, but will succeed if Basic Rule has independent rules for paddle up and paddle down.

One last thing I noticed was that while most device types can select multiple devices to trigger actions, button device types can only select one button device. Is this intentional?

Thanks for considering my suggestions, and thanks for creating Basic Rule!

I think it’s great also, however, some devices dont work as well in this app. I have some zen30 switches (dimmer and dry contact) that seem to delay ten seconds before firing the automation. I really want basic rules to work for my bathrooms (where my zen30 is).

That’s going to be an issue with the device itself, probably a mesh issue. A rule is a rule and it will work the same way regardless of the device or how it reacts.

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Really? To be clear, So if my automations work great in motion lighting app but dont work and in fact delays actions then its a mesh issue?

Do your Motion Lighting automations use exactly the same devices as Basic Rules?

Yes, exact same TWO devices. Just a motion sensor (fibaro) and zen30 fan relay and dimmer.

Can you post screen shots of both automations?

These have all been added to Basic Rule in the latest release.


Hi Bruce. You rule, thank you! I look forward to seeing how you will evolve Basic Rule in the future.

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