More accurate Energy meter reading with GE direct wire 40a Outdoor smart switch

I am currently getting a "Energy meter reading rounded to the kwh, I would like to see it in wh, or have 3 decimals places. kwh is a pretty big number to spot any issues,0n a well pump or septic pump. It might work with my hot water tank.

When using the dash board and the "Energy meter" I get kwh rounded to the nearest whole kwh
when using the dash board and the "Power meter" I get 0

Energy readings are pretty much always in kWh, Your power reading is what you want to look at. I don't have one of those but if you are getting a O watt for power you need to look at the device settings.


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How big is your well pump and/or septic pump breaker? Most wells that I have seen have somewhere around a 20A breaker. If so, you should be seeing 240V x nearly 20A (at startup) so about 4800W or 4.8KW.

If you aren't seeing somewhere well (no pun intended) :grin: above 1KW, your smart switch is not reporting correctly or not configured correctly.

If this is just a dashboard display issue, in other words the device is reading correctly on the settings page, try using the Attribute tile in Dashboards. See if one of those attributes displays in a slightly different format or decimal point.

I don't own this device, so I can't give more specific advice about this device's normal behavior. But generally speaking, there isn't a reason it shouldn't be giving some number on something as large as a well pump.

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