Monthly energy reporting

im using the Aeotec Smart Energy Switch Which does monitor the power

the thing i would like todo is to be able to see how much power each Aeotec heavy duty appliance module is using on a monthly basis.

i have 8 of these installed on my site and using them to control 30 amp rv pads
but instead of having to login and write down how much they are using id like to see a 30 day tile if possible so i can bill the proper KWH to each renter

I don't know if this will do what you want but @bptworld has an app called 'Abacus Counting Machine'.
This can display attributes on a Day, Week, Month and Yearly basis.
I have set one up last week just to play with for motion detection in a toilet. (Not that motion detection but when it goes active :wink: ).
Might be worth looking at to see if it could do what you want.


It can be done, I have several different energy reporting devices around the house and I have dashboards up so I can see the usage and current cost for each device. This is from the Zen15 on my washing machine. They get reset on the 28th of the month, that coincides with my energy company readings. The three tiles on the right show current power usage, current monthly cost and current energy usage.

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hey thanks for the info! any chance you bill out and can set this up for me or let me know how todo that?? im used to working with the universal devices ISY. this is my first time playing with the hubitat unit and i have 3 on site with 6 energy meters that i need setup like you have

These are the two rules I use.

This one sends the washing machine energy reading to the second rule that calculates the cost.
SubEnergy and WmEnergyCost are hub variables. WmEnergyCost is the variable you display in the dashboard for your total cost.

This is the rule that calculates the cost from the SubEnergy reading. Where I live the power company charges a flat .1055/KWH. If you have variable rates based on usage or time then getting this to work gets more difficult.