Monoprice Zwave+

Suddenly my Hubitat doesn't register any contact sensor. I have 3 Monoprice ZWave+ sensors. Anyone else having this issue?

My contact sensors are working.. Can you give some more information on what your problem is?

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Did you just upgrade to 2.1.8.x? Are you using the "generic z-wave contact sensor" driver, or a custom driver? Switch to the built-in driver (generic z-wave ...), hit configure and see if it starts working again.

Upgraded yesterday. Generic driver. It's been working fine. Quit working sometime last night. Didn't register the sliding doors opening at 3am when I let the dogs out. Rebooted this morning. Worked for an hour or so. Rebooted, rinse and repeat.

How strong is your z-wave mesh?

Not sure how to determine that. The Hubitat is in my living room and all 3 exit doors are well within 30ft. Of the hub.

Any powered zwave+ devices?

Have you tired performing a z-wave repair?

I just so happen to have 2, they both work. 1 sensor I just moved to my second hub, it paired as device, and is working after changing driver to generic z-wave conact.
I'll reply if any fall off. I'm on 2.1.8

Triple AAA contact sensors. Only 3 Zwave devices. Everything else is zigbee and Samsung brand

I did that this evening. Hopefully it still works in the AM.

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Fingers are crossed for you! :crossed_fingers:

Looks like I have a faulty sensor. At 7:47pm the sliding door opened and the dogs went out, but the sensor shows the door still open. Thanks for the ideas.

I'm not sure about that. I think your need some line-powered zwave devices that will build a robust mesh so that signal from the monoprice devices don't have to directly travel 30 ft to the hub.. Without that, signal from a device that is 30 feet away from the hub might be missed.

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