Monoprice STITCH devices


Has anyone tried to integrate the Monoprice STITCH wifi devices with Hubitat yet? I haven't seen any noise at all regarding them, so I'm guessing the answer is "no."


I believe since that product line is wifi only, it may not work.


As far as I can see, they only work (via Wi-Fi) using the Monoprice STITCH app. Like pretty much all Wi-Fi IoT devices, they undoubtedly use a custom, undocumented "language" to communicate, possibly via a cloud and not even entirely over your local network. (Unlike Z-Wave and more or less ZigBee, there are no standards for how these "should" work over Wi-Fi.)

If you're lucky, there might be an official IFTTT channel that could allow integration that way. Alternatively, they do work with Alexa, so if you have such a device you could probably also use virtual devices and rig something up to "sync" it with Hubitat. If we're super lucky, they might have an option for local communication (or cloud if Monoprice/whoever doesn't block it or it gets faked well enough), and someone might reverse-engineer their language. But in general, I'd avoid this type of Wi-Fi product in favor of ZigBee or Z-Wave devices unless you see a specific need they fill where one of thoese wouldn't work and you're OK with the tradeoffs.

For similar bad news, though not much detail on if anyone's really tried to see how they work, see: STITCH by Monoprice (or Zwave outlet with USB ports) - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community


SmartThings has had better luck with integration of WiFi devices being integrated by the community.
It all depends on market saturation, and I see a good amount of activity regarding their Z-Wave devices here, so you never know.
That being said, most people who come here mostly buy Zigbee and Z-Wave because they know that's what works the best.

It also depends on how easy it is to integrate with Monoprice's API, if it's tough then the wall stays up.
It's really hard to predict what devices a good Groovy programmer is going to be interested in, if you get lucky, one who lives here might write a driver if the stars align, but I wouldn't hold your breath.


Thanks for the info, although it's disappointing to hear. The STITCH stuff goes on sale pretty regularly, and it's reasonably cheap, which is why I was interested in it.