Monoprice Shock sensor

This device worked very well under Smartthings I have just moved them over to HE. I'm seeing an issue where they don't show up in the HSM as an option to select or deselect. Yes, I don't have selected use all sensors.
In addition, I'm not using the generic device. I'm using a DHL from codahq-hubitat. However, I have attempted to change this and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I'm noticing too in the dashboard I cannot added these device either and it doesn't seem to auto refresh. Any guidance would be helpful.


The first thing you probably should do is check the device's page while operating the sensor to see if it responds. The dashboard should follow the state of whatever the device page does, so if it doesn't work there, the dash won't either.

Also open the logs in a separate tab while you are changing drivers or operating the sensor to see if you are getting any errors or useful information. Be sure to turn on logging in the device's page.

Depending upon what any of this does, someone can probably help.

Thanks. I have sorted some of this out "I think". Issue somes to be with certain dashboards and not all. I'm thinking of rebuilding them or verifying the settings. The build problem is I cannot get the Monprice Shock devices to be seen with HSM.
The device do look like that are working correctly with the 3rd party build.

Let me know if that makes sense.

First, I'd repeat the above advice to check that the device page in the admin UI updates as expected when you manipulate the device. Leave Dashboard out of the picture for a second, because what you should see there should match the device page; it's just an extra thing that could go wrong if not (it would help narrow down an app/Dashboard problem vs. a device problem, which it sounds like you've started to do).

Second, what do you want to do with this device in HSM? And what kind of attributes (see "Current States" on the device page) does it report? I'm guessing "acceleration" is the attribute of interest for you. The built-in intrusion alerts for HSM support only contact (open/close) and motion sensors, where "motion" refers to personal motion and is different from vibration/shock. If the latter is what you're trying to do and you want to keep it in HSM (there are lots of other ways you could use this in Hubitat, including the Notifications app or whatever you want with Rule Machine), then you should be able to use a custom monitoring rule, though those are a bit different from "regular" arm states. If you really need it just in one of those, you could create a virtual motion sensor or modify the driver to report motion instead of (or in addition to) acceleration.

PS - I notice you made a duplicate post here: Monoprice Shock Sensor 8195. If this was an accident, I'd suggest deleting the other post. If you want this posted in with the "Hubitat Safety Monitor" category instead, you should be able to move it (edit the category/tags) if you pretend you want to edit the post's title, or someone could do it for you.

Thank you for your help. The device is listed a "shock sensor". However, when I bind this rule it does come up as acceleration device.

I'm working around this with V-Senors to treat this like a contact instead of Shock/Acceleration device. Devices are active or inactive based on this and they are branded as Shock senors; plus, ST was able to use them without any workarounds in their monitoring solution. I would think they would work HSM too. HSM does support shock/break the glass device I had thought.
I will delete the other post. I just wasn't sure where to post this. Since, it covered couple of topics. Sorry for any confusion. Some would like it dup if you are covering a couple of topics.
Would or could there be support for "shock" device in HSM?


You can use acceleration sensors in HSM; you just have to add them to "Custom Monitoring Rules," not the default intrusion alerts (armed-away, armed-home, armed-night, etc.). You can set restrictions on when/how custom rules are monitored (mode, time, etc.), or you can arm/disarm all custom rules by choosing the appropriate HSM action from the same place where you'd arm/disarm (for which there are various options: Dashboard, RM, some other app/automation).

If you really want them tied exactly to only certain built-in HSM arm statuses, then I think your idea of creating a virtual contact (or motion) sensor to mirror it--or in this case modifying the driver to also pretend it's once since you're using a custom driver anyway--is a good option. Lots of ways to make it happen, depending on what you want. Hopefully what you've found works well for you!

Thank you again.