Monoprice PIR Temperature Question

The Monoprice PIR Motion/Temperature Z-Wave sensor (KFR-ZP3102US-5) seems to be the same unit (or a variant of) the 2GIG/GoControl/Linear WAPIRZ-1. Same exact case design.

The WAPIRZ-1 has a bug, where it reports low temperatures (<0C) as large numbers.
Can someone take their Monoprice sensor out in the cold (or shove it in the freezer) for me, and tell me if it has the same issue?

I have that model and have had it outside for a few years but can't remember. So, I just checked its history. Looks like it does something funny at temperatures below freezing, though apparently not that exact problem--just even larger numbers below zero (it is cold here, but not that cold!...yet):

This could just be a conversion oddity in the driver. I'll turn on debug logging and see if anything stands out...

Thanks! They did not fix the firmware--this is the exact bug. If you look at the raw values, when it crosses 0C (32F) it does this:

32, 32
-21, 235

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Interesting! So would this be work-around-able in the driver if it knew to convert the "rolled over" values? I'm assuming there's no overlap with real measurements in the space with unexpected values... (I have yet to see a temperature reading roll in while I have debug logging enabled)

So to "fix" the F reading, it would look like this:

if (TempValF < -20)
NewTempF = TempValF * 1.3 + 57.5

I don't have data for the Celsius configuration (generic driver doesn't let you change?)