Monoprice Dual Relay 11990


I looked at the comparable device Wiki as well as the official list of supported devices and did not see the Dual Relays listed (nor the vision which seems to be the same device). However, looking at the many forum posts, it seems like people are able to find was to get them to work.

As an existing Smarthings user seriously considering making the switch, I really want to know that the majority (or better yet, all) of my existing devices will work. I have about 15 dual relays so that is critical one. Is there a DTH or Driver that is built into the hub that works?

What have other users done with these? Has anyone gotten them to work for both switches and to properly report state changes even when the physical switch is used?


All mine are working great using some code I modified here:


Thanks. It seems like in addition to the officially supported devices there are lots of devices community members have unofficially supported. Has anyone considered creating a thread or wiki page for working devices that are not officially supported?

In hindsight, I wish I hadn't purchased so many different zwave/zigbee devices now...


I have a couple of enerwave dual, and single, relays that use this:


I was thinking the same thing with the multitude of devices I have BUT half the fun as well is having an HE system that is able to (like SmartThings) connect to lots of 3rd party devices and having a sharing community of devs like @ericm that enables a plethora of choices on which device best fits my situation.

What helped me in my decision was knowing you can always run a hybrid system of both HE and ST as the HE community rapidly comes out with ported drivers and apps. But as I continue in my migration I am finding HE speed and reliability of local control has got my wife giddy. The Wife Acceptance Factor alone was worth the switch as it has gone from a negative score to a positive score and that is with me in the middle of the migration making my ST system more unstable as I am dismantling the zwave/zigbee mesh. Even with drivers that might not report 100% status updates today on these switches I am confident that this community or HE staff continually pump out updates to tweak the drivers to fix these bugs... just like it happened at ST.

FYI: I found this thread because I am moving over two of my Monoprice Dual Relay devices and Enerwave dual relays now from ST to HE :grin: I am going to start like @cstory777 mentions by looking over at what community genius @ericm has ported over in his Hubitat github because it was his excellent work that I used in ST. I am also moving over my H801 RGBW devices and Sonoff devices with his drivers as well.

IMHO there are those in ST that don't use custom device handlers and custom smart apps and will be perfectly happy with ST because they don't know what they don't know and haven't explored enough into the potential of HA. But as I started diving into the real potential of the ST platform using these custom solutions is when all the shortcomings of ST begin to pile up. So I was looking at HomeSeer to migrate to until I stumbled on to the Hubitat Elevation.


@ericm I have a couple of these Monoprice 11990 Dual Relay Modules as well as a couple of the Enerwave ZWN-RSM2. I found your drivers for the RSM2 in your github mods for Hubitat. Did the Monoprice version not get ported over?


Man, it has been so long since I looked at the Monoprice dual relay I can't remember much about it. There was a guy in the SmartThings forum that took one of my handlers and modified it for the Monoprice:

So I actually never created one I don't think.

Edit: You can try this, I just made the standard Hubitat changes Monoprice 11990 Dual Relay Module -


Thanks! I will give it a go later tonight. I am fighting with one of my Schlage locks that is refusing to pair up with the HE and it feels like I am losing the battle :rofl:


So if I understand your modifications correctly, I will not need to load a sync app but simply use child devices to independently control each relay?


That is correct. All you need is the device driver and child driver. No syncing needed.


Thanks for modifying the code to make it work as parent/child. Works like a charm. :grin:


I have found that when I use my physical switches they don't report back to the hub on/off using the @tsviper code above. I tried adding a rule in RM to refresh my devices every two minutes, but it keeps causing problems and getting restricted. I was going to use the built-in polling app, but my devices are not listed when I tried to set them up.

@dcoffing, are you seeing the physical switch changes reflected in Hubitat?


Yes, I am seeing the status changes on both child devices and they are reporting on - off states when I physically toggle the appropriate wall switch that is wired to that channel. I screen captured one of the child device Events logs to see if it helps. Did you modify the code at all?

However I am seeing what seems to be random behavior on this device. Channel 1 is my outside garage lights which I setup with a simple rule to come on at Sunset and off at Sunrise. It has not been 100% reliable and I have twice had to manually trigger it in the last seven days. I am still just monitoring it to see if I can narrow down the culprit.