Monoprice Contact Sensor - Battery drains in 48 hours

I am using monoprice ( Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Door and Window Sensor, No Logo - contact sensor. It was easy to pair and add to HE. I see the open/close events almost immediately. My problem is that the battery drains extremely quickly, 2 days.

Here is the Device Info page:

Has anyone else had issues with battery life with this contact sensor?

I had the same problem with those Monoprice units. Bad sensor. If within your 30 days try to get them to replace it. Otherwise junk it.

Yes, I have returned the monoprice door contact. I ended up getting a zigbee one, Visonic MCT-340 E. So far much better. Smaller, connects really easy, has ability to have larger gap when I need for a few applications and finally, battery is good so far. Side benifit, has temperature reading as well. If this looks good in 1 month, I may look at getting more.

I had a Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Shock sensor that chewed through batteries. Got a replacement from Monoprice but it has the same issue.

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Not perfect for every situation, but 5v USB adapters for phones are really inexpensive and so are these step-down modules. As long as 800ma is enough. If not, there are other options with a higher output, for not much more.

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I just bought a pair of the recessed monoprice sensors, and they are not registering events reliably.