Monoprice 6 Zone Audio Controller built in driver

Just discovered that the Monoprice 6 Zone Amp got built in support with 2.3.1 earlier this year. I've tried adding the device and since I'm using the Multi Zone Amp (not the pre amp model), it's connected with a GlobalCache ip2sl. I've set the controller IP to that of the ip2sl and the telnet port to 4999, but it won't initialize. Using iTest, I can connect and send commands without issue and using @martinez.mp3 now deprecated driver, it also works.

Am i missing something here? should it work with my setup?

Try to set the GlobalCache ip2sl to port 8080 and set the driver to that port too.
Good luck
Jorge Martinez

Yeah I saw that suggested, but the GlobalCache doesn't allow you to change the port.

Try to telnet in to the GlobalCache with another client like “putty” and send ?10 and see if you get something back if you do it could be a bug on the driver that only a staff member could fix maybe @mike.maxwell could ask the developer to take a look at the code?

connecting with iTest without issue. And your driver works as well so I may just go back to using your driver, just was stumped why the official didn't seem to work.

current settings and logs in Hubitat


well that's embarrassing, while our driver has a preference setting for the port, the connect string isn't using it...
I'll get this fixed in the next hotfix, if there is one after

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Seems like this has been addressed in I actually have the 'sister unit' to this (Soundavo WS66i) and was able to add the device and successfully communicate with it after updating to port 8080.

Edit: Scratch this, it seems I haven't had enough coffee this morning. Child devices show up for selection, you just have to remember that you changed the labels to the individual zones... :man_facepalming:

On a sidenote (and this may be more of an issue with the Google Home integration but) is there a reason why only the parent device is available for selection in Google Home? I can only link the main receiver and not individual zones.

Does this work if you are just communicating via serial connection? I don't think my device has an IP persay?

hubitat doesn't support serial directly, you will need a serial to ip/telnet converter to use the serial port on the device

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I've recently moved my Monoprice 6-Zone Amp integration over from SmartThings.

It's working well except that the zone devices show up in Alexa as simple switches. I guess that SmartThings exposed them to Alexa as dimmers, which allowed for voice control of volume.

Is there a setting in the driver that I missed?

I have the Monoprice 6 zone hooked up to iTach serial rs232 adaptor. I was previously using a iphone app to control it and everything works. I recently installed the built in HE driver for it. The media button that has the source control, mute, and volume does not work the source. It also says UNKNOWN in the source text section. I can connect telnet to the device and send serial commands it all works. Still works from the iphone app. The source back and forward arrows in the button do not send commands. I can watch all other commands in the telnet session.
Screenshot from 2023-04-26 14-25-16

can you post a screen shot of the state variables section of the parent device and also one of the zones?

Here they are.

When making a button for source, it displays correctly. If I click the word UNKNOWN, it powers off the zone.

can you verify that the zones operate correctly from the driver UI?

Yes, I can use the "set input source" command from a zone device page and change sources.

I was able to make Virtual Button and Rule Machine to execute a string number change. I made two buttons to switch between 1/2 sources. I guess from reading previous posts, I was under the assumption that the track back/forward arrows in the button were to change source.

I guess the issue is the UNKNOWN field, which I assume is generated from a serial "<" serial command output from the monoprice.

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