Monitoring Status of Outlet

I have a hot water recirculation pump that I want to automate. Previously it was on a timer and wasting energy. I've now added a Zigbee outlet (IKEA TRETAKT) and a button (IKEA RODRET) and its working fine(ish) to turn on and off.

Now is like to add a Zigbee controlled status light that monitors the status of the pump.
Green - outlet is on
Red - outlet is off
Yellow - no signal from outlet

How would you suggest going about doing this on my C8 running


If you are only controlling the outlet using rules on your Hubitat hub, I would suggest including the setting on the colour of your chosen bulbs as part of the automations that turn the outlet on and off. A loss of signal may need a little more thought, but would suggest starting simple.

Not sure about signal loss, but I use outlet power readings (and automation thresholds) to determine the active/inactive state of many things (pump, AVR, DVD player, etc.). If the power > X for at least Y seconds, then active. Then I automate based on the active/inactive state.

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Yeah, depends on whether the IKEA TRETAKT include energy monitoring...

Very true. I forgot to mention that I use Sengled E1C-NB7 and Samsung F-OUT-US-2 outlets for this.

Ok, so why mention the IKEA devices in the OP?

I'm not the original poster. Just trying to offer another solution (using power) to the conversation, but I did forget to mention that I use different outlets from the original poster.

Of course, ignore me, my eyes have obviously gone to sleep before my brain :slight_smile:

Haha, no worries. It took me 25 backspaces to get F-OUT-US-2 correct ... not enough caffeine.

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My idea with monitoring the outlet was to get a feedback of its status. I'm looking for a confirmation that the command sent actually got executed. Could it be done with a ping command?

Power monitoring is another good point taken. Unfortunately the IKEA outlet doesn't seem to support it... aaaand my wallet just got a little lighter.

My inclination is to say no.... Just because this is not a true confirmation... But you could issue a Ping request shortly after a command is issued and if the Ping request fails, you re-issue the command. The reason I hesitate with this suggestion is that just because a separate Ping request fails, does not automatically mean a command has failed. But I also can't think of any other option myself....

Typically, most of the drivers will generate a 'switch on' event only when the outlet confirms the previously sent 'on' command. If the device was offline, the switch attribute should not change.