Monitoring if Acceleration stops with RM

Hi all. I have an acceleration sensor on both my washer and dryer. I want to know when they stop.

In RM, how can I do something like: If acceleration has stopped for 15 minutes, send an sms?

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Acceleration goes false, starts a 15 min timer. If Acceleration ever goes True in that time, Actions for FALSE end. [Cancel] When Acceleration again goes false, the whole thing tries again... if 15 mins elapse without acceleration, a SMS is sent.

For two sensors, add them both in Conditions, then click Define Rule and setup an OR. That way if EITHER acceleration occurs, the SMS is blocked.


So this works pretty great, but I keep getting messages if someone bumps the dryer or opens the dryer door. Is there anyway to define the rule that says if motion remains active for 5 minutes then …

You’ll need to “insert” a new Rule to “filter” the Acceleration status.

Create a new Rule “Laundry Dryer Active” (for example)

Conditions are as with the existing Rule: Laundry Room: Acceleration
Actions for True (2 parts)
= Delay by N minutes, where N is your guess.
= Set Boolean: Set Private boolean for Other Rules and select your existing Rule.

Then go into your original Rule and blow away the existing Conditions, replacing it/them with just the private Boolean.

Ok, so now the details…
Rules all have their own private Boolean. We can use one Rule to set it’s own Boolean OR we can cause some other Rule’s private Boolean to be set. OR both, set the Boolean on this Rule AND set it on that Rule too. Mostly I use 1 or 2… never had a need for 3 (both)… yet. I didn’t explicitly test this set of Rules, just based it on similars I use.

This change I’m suggesting is using #2.
This new, first Rule will cause one Action, setting (true) of the private Boolean of your existing Rule. The existing Rule’s Conditions simply got “moved” to the new “filtering” Rule, so those conditions aren’t needed in the existing Rule anymore. It simply waits for the “filtering” Rule to do it’s job, and detect that by the change in the state of the Boolean.

You can also use Rule Action for doing a similar “if this (filtered) then do that.” The point is that you need a Rule to filter out conditions you don’t want… in this case, acceleration for less than N minutes.

I know that there’s some “fear” of having bunches of Rules. I know I’d love some “grouping” element to keep related Rules together. Instead, I use the Rule names to provide grouping. In this case, both of my example Rules begin with “Laundry” - that places them together alphabetically. :slight_smile:


Yeah. I don't fear too many rules. lol

Got lost on this example...
Anyway of a visual example, please?

It's 9 months later and it's possible for a different answer entirely.

This thread is about Laundry.. washers, dryers and the power plugs that can be used to monitor.

Seems like everyone has this need and as a result, everyone has a good "tool" for the job. Various custom apps, for example. Here's one:

Not even notices the date. Lol

Wish I could use a power plug for my dryer but its 220v.

What you mean?

To monitor if it is running or not. Even if there was a plug that could support 220v an electric dryer draws too much power to use one.


There are quite a few 220v Plugs with Power meter. And supporting quite a few amps

How much does Your dryer takes on power

At least 15 ampa

Hmm check it.

Because if it is 12amps the Neo cool cam should work.

They have a US version as well.
I'm guessing you are in the US as in EU all residential Dryers should be sold under 12 amps

If you have $100 to burn you can always put a Aeotec HEM on the dryer cord where it attaches to the dryer. Many have done it, works great.

It isn't worth $100 to me, but it may be to you.

It is one of those things that would be nice to have but not worth $100. Maybe I will end up using an acceleration sensors or vibration sensor.

I have one of the Aeotec HEM's for my mains and it works well and got it on sale for like $20.

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