Monitored Wireless Security System 2GIG-CP71-345E

Just bought a new house that does not have wired sensors installed. We don't have time or budget to wire sensors, so we're going wireless. Spouse acceptance factor has us looking at a re-branded Nortek/GoControl/Linear system. The model from the local installer is 2GIG-CP71-345E.

Does anyone have any experience with this model or other 2GIG 345e panels sharing info with Hubitat? The marketing spec sheet says it has a z-wave radio but the details are thin.

Since the door/motion/leak/smoke/co/shatter sensors it uses aren't on the compatible device list my hope is that the 345e can act as a secondary hub and send useful data to HE - am I dreaming?

Yeah probably a dream.

Is this going to be pro installed even though it's wireless? Pro managed also? If you want the best of pro and diy you should look into an ELK or DSC system both can be integrated with other systems including Hubitat. There's community provided integrations for ELK and DSC that I'm aware of. Either ELK or DSC are common place for pro installers and available for DIY if so inclined. Both support wired and wireless sensors and devices. ELK is actually a full automation system if you learn it and can do tons on it's own but it's more complex than Hubitat.

There are other options purely DIY but unlikely to get monitoring service and Home Owner Insurance approval for any discounts you could otherwise get.

Yup pro install and pro managed - even though it's wireless. Wife watches too many crime shows and previous projects haven't been high on SAF so she won't go for a DIY.

I integrate ELK so I'm biased but you can look around and find other reviews and some will say "it's old" yeah ... and?? It works and is highly reliable and integrates with everything and is still in the top tiers of home security systems. You can find a dealer from their website. It's one of those "you can" install yourself but you shouldn't.

DSC is also widely popular and has a large installer network as well.

There are other systems out there that advertise z-wave and home automation but when it comes down to it they want to control things and they don't play well with others. So if you only want a security system they are great but if you want a security system that "can be" integrated with a full home automation system you need to be a little pickier. ELK will cost a little more than a low end system but it's money well spent knowing that it's a top tier security system with professional install/monitoring and can be integrated with all of the common and major home automation systems.