Monitor gas bottle?

Hey all, we have natural gas hot water with 2 x 45kg bottles. Has anyone found any way to monitor these in a smart home environment?

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Does it have a R3D capable gauge?


Sorry you have lost me there!

Ps I did find this…

That requires the dial that @neonturbo was asking about.

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with this one make a base/pad which forces your gas supplier to put the bottle back on the centre of the pad

amazing stuff!

Now, if I only had a hope in hell of understanding how to link that into hubitat. Haven't got a clue about MQTT atm. =/

No one has hacked a Wink Refuel yet?

OOPS sorry, KG to LBS for these are like 100# tanks.

If you have that gauge you can plug something into it, like Propane Tank Monitoring for Homeowners - Tank Utility , for which someone has done an app.

As far as that Sinope goes, its release date has been a moving target for some time now.


Just reopening this thread to see if anyone has had any success with this?

Which "this" are you referring to? There were 3-4 things mentioned above...

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Sorry - just referring to whether a product/solution had been found to monitor gas bottles.

If you have that gauge in my post above, Tank Utility is about the only thing currently available. That Sinope mentioned above is now "AVAILABLE WINTER 2023" which is a year or so past what they promised previously. So not sure if that is ever coming out...

That said, it sounds like you are not in the US with that usage of "Gas Bottle"? It would be helpful to know your general region for recommendations.


I don't know if I mentioned it, but Tank Utility is now owned by Generac and is integrated into it's Mobile Link app. Still available on Tank Utility as well. Battery is holding up well.

Here's my "bottle" on installation day:

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Do they come in 6-packs? :wink:

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South Australia

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