Moisture Sensor Stopped Reporting Water, Still Reports Temperature and Battery

I've had a SmartThings Water Leak Sensor (F-WTR-US-2) connected for over a year, just just experienced an issue where the sensor was still reporting back temperature and battery level, but failed to report back water=wet

When I first connected the device, I tested it in the planned location and it detected moisture as expected and reported it back to the hub. Hearing stories from other community members, I've been following the recommendation of manually checking the sensor by putting a drop of water on it every ~6 months to make sure it's still reporting back.

Unfortunately, I missed my 6 month check this month and found water on the floor and no indication from the sensor.

At first I thought it might be a communication issue or battery issue, but I checked the hub and I'm seeing temperature and battery values reported back over the past several days.

I tapped the refresh() button on the device details screen while the sensor was wet and a new temperature value came in, but no water value. I tapped the configure() button and the water value reported in as wet as expected.


Any thoughts on what could cause a device to become partially connected like this when it formerly reported data in fine just ~6 months ago?

I was also thinking my next step might be something like Device Watchdog, but since the sensor was reporting temperature and battery values, my suspicion is it would think the device was still alive.


Edit: Looking back through the event history, it looks like there is temperature/battery data for the past ~20 days and the next value in the event history after that is my water test from ~6 months ago.

And just for reference, the "Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor" driver is being used and the reported data for the device is:

endpointId: 01
application: 19
manufacturer: SmartThings
model: moisturev4
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Following this as I also use smartthings moisture sensors

What do I know, but I did a search and found this review on
I'd prefer a sensor with leads.

"The leak sensor gets damaged with water!!
Who had designed this product? Really??? You have made a leak/wet sensor which gets rusty when water gets into it? How hard is it to about putting two giant holes on the bottom of this sensor? There are other products out there much cheaper and water proof. Avoid buying this. Just Google it an you'll find it! "

I've had the exact same problem with my SmartThings water sensor. I replaced it.