Mointoring Lock Usage

So here's my use case.... I want to get an alert, whenever a certain lock code is used. I have a couple of short-term rental properties, and I'm looking to get notified whenever a specific code, maintenance access by my managment company for instance, is used.

Has anyone done this? I'm just trying to figure out a good approach in rule machine or something else.


Easily done with the Notifications app. It's one of the built-in apps. Pretty straight forward to setup, but if you need help just post back here.

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Hi @vern.palango!

I use one app and a driver developed by @thebearmay to achieve this result: the firs one is an app called Lock History, that I use to attribute the lock codes to specific users, once the native tool never worked with my Yale lock.

The second one is the Notification Tile driver, used to show in a dashboard tile from 1 to 20 of the last unlock events with the info of the user, date and time of opening. Below there is an example with the result showing the last opening event data. The driver also send a notification to my cell in real time.


The app may be found on GitHub here, and the driver here.

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