Moen Shower Driver

has anyone had anyluck getting the Moen Smart Shower 2-Outlet Digital Shower Controller to talk to Hubitat, Of course it integrates with alexa/google directly, but im looking for away to create a rule that if the shower is on turn exhaust fan on. and turn exhaust fan off after 30 mins. and a few other rules.


Quick and dirty way is to make a virtual switch in Hubitat, share it to Alexa. Make an Alexa routine that when the shower is on, turn on that switch, when off turn off the switch. You now have a switch in Hubitat that tells you if the shower is on.

This assumes you can use the shower state in an Alexa routine as a trigger, hopefully you can!

Yeh i was thinking the same thing but unable to use the shower as a trigger.

I do it with a humidity sensor in the bathroom. I turn it on and off as the humidity jumps up and then comes back down.

+1 That's what I do as well. Works great, fan only comes on when the humidity is too high, and days when the house is "dry", it sometimes doesn't trigger which helps increase humidity. A bit of a win-win.

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